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The Nintendo Switch Is Getting a Strange New Fitness Device

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Is the successor to Wii Fit here? In a video dubbed "first look at a new experience for Nintendo Switch," Nintendo has teased what looks like some sort of strange fitness device that will help you work up a sweat while playing your Switch.

The apparatus pictured consists of a circular, flexible rubber device that users can stretch and squish, as well as a leg strap. Each gadget holds one of the Switch's Joy-Cons, presumably to track your motion.

The very excited folks in the video are seen doing everything from running in place, stretching the ring like a bow and arrow, performing various stretches and squeezing the ring between their thighs for a leg workout. Interestingly, the video calls out specific cities such as Paris, Rome and Madrid -- could this be a tease that Nintendo's new fitness game will have online play?

Whatever Nintendo's new fitness play is, we'll know more about it on Sept. 12. An exercise game/gadget for Switch wouldn't be a huge shocker; Nintendo has long been rumored to be working on some sort of fitness device, and released Wii Fit games for both the Wii and Wii U that allowed you to perform exercises via a balance board peripheral. The company released Fitness Boxing, a rhythm exercise game that tracks your punches with Joy-Cons, at the start of this year. 

This mysterious Nintendo fitness announcement comes just a day after the September Nintendo Direct, which saw the reveal of Overwatch for Switch, SNK icon Terry Bogard coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and a slew of SNES games that are now on Switch.