Best Buy is knocking a massive $2,000 off Hisense's 2024 ULED TV

Hisense U76N ULED lifestyle in living room
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As the month of Valentine's fast approaches, Hisense is already pouring its heart out with some savings on its newest display, the Hisense U76N ULED, a 100-inch beast perfect for the Big Game. It's one of the finest entries in the Hisense 2024 TV lineup, sporting massive upgrades that could position it as a powerful new model in the industry. 

Right now you can get the Hisense 100-inch U7 QLED 4K TV for $2,999 at Best Buy. That's $2,000 off its latest (and potentially best) TV of the year, leveraging incredible new specs that set it apart from rivals TCL and LG. 

Hisense U76N ULED 4K TV: was $2,799 now $1,798 @ Best Buy

Hisense U76N ULED 4K TV: was $2,799 now $1,798 @ Best Buy
At a whopping 100-inch, the Hisense U76N ULED is a monster to behold. It leverages some exciting new specs, most tantalizing of all being gaming-centric proponents like a 144Hz refresh rate and Dolby Vision Gaming support for cinematic experiences at over 60fps. Several other enhancements, like WiFi 6e, Google TV OS, and IMAX Enhanced, make it the perfect entertainment solution and an utter steal ahead of Super Bowl LVIII. 

The Hisense U76N ULED, which takes up after last year’s U8K mini-LED TV, is the poster child for Hisense’s newfound mantra of “Big Screen, Big Features,” encapsulated in the fact that it will only be available in 100-in. 

But, what about the features? Well, the display has a 144Hz refresh rate and ALLM (perfect for gaming as if in a movie theater), as well as WiFi 6e, an IMAX Enhanced picture, and Google TV OS built-in. What more could you ask for?

With Super Bowl LVIII on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to scoop up a brand-new TV to experience the Big Game like never before. And, the Hisense U76N ULED certainly is capable of that, thanks in large part to its incredible 100-inch of screen real estate in tandem with features like Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and even Dolby Vision Gaming support. 

Although it won’t be anywhere near as good as Hisense’s flagship UX mini-LED offerings, like the 100UX and 98UX (which broke every test metric at CES 2024), the U76N will still be one of the best alternatives against a more expensive OLED TV. Plus, with such awesome features like smooth motion and a 144Hz refresh rate — as well as the aforementioned Dolby Vision Gaming for Dolby Vision support while gaming at 4K 144Hz — it’s a proven gaming beast, as well. 

The inclusion of Google TV makes it the perfect entertainment hub, allowing users to access every possible application under the sun. This also gives users the ability to control their new Hisense U76N ULED via hands-free voice controls, and also ensures a wider range of smart home integrations thanks to Google Assistant. 

Don’t want to use the remote? Well, with the U76N you won’t even have to physically turn on your lights, as Google can do it all for you through a simple voice command. You won’t ever need a remote again — unless, of course, you’re just too accustomed to scrolling endlessly in search of the next best Netflix movie

At $3,000, Hisense is gifting consumers potentially one of the very best entries into 2024’s TV lineup. It’s a hard bargain to pass up, but touchdown or not Hisense isn’t the only one touting major savings, as there are a variety of awesome cheap TV deals and even several spectacular Super Bowl OLED deals ongoing ahead of the big game.

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