Hurry! How to get a free Samsung 65-inch 4K TV while you still can

Samsung OLED with Samsung TU690T
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Samsung's buy one, get one (BOGO) deal is on its way out. It's slated to end on April 11, one week ahead of the launch of Samsung's 2024 TV line-up. And when it's gone, so are the chances of snagging a free 65-inch TV with any preorder. 

In case you missed the news a few weeks back, Samsung is offering folks a free 65-inch Samsung Crystal 4K TV (TU690T) with every pre-order of a 2024 model. Every retailer has access to the deal — and you can add another $100 onto that savings  when you use a My Best Buy account ($49/year at Best Buy) to buy a new 2024 Samsung TV at Best Buy — but all of it will end in less than 24 hours.

Samsung TV sale: buy one, get a 65" TV for free @ Best BuyPrice check: buy one TV, get a 65" free @ Samsung

Samsung TV sale: buy one, get a 65" TV for free @ Best Buy
Until May 11, if you buy a new 2024 Samsung TV, you'll get a free Samsung 65-inch 4K Crystal TV for free. Most of the TVs in this promo cost upwards of $1,000, but you can get the new Samsung 43-inch Frame 4K QLED TV and a 65-inch Crystal TV for $999 (pictured). Note: If you're a My Best Buy Plus member ($49/year at Best Buy) you'll get an extra $100 off your TV purchase. Note that although Samsung is offering this same promo, only Best Buy will knock an extra $100 off if you're a My Best Buy Plus member.
Price check: buy one TV, get a 65" free @ Samsung

My Best Buy Plus: $49/year @ Best Buy

My Best Buy Plus: $49/year @ Best Buy
For $49.99 per year, My Best Buy Plus gives members access to upgraded free 2-day shipping, exclusive access to member-only deals, access to launch events, and an extended 60-day return/exchange window on most products. Members get $100 off during this current Samsung TV sale. 

From what we've seen of it so far, Samsung's 2024 TV lineup looks great. We've gone hands-on with Samsung's The Frame (2024), the Samsung S95D OLED, and the Samsung QN90D. All of them performed great in our tests. 

Knowing that you're getting a great 2024 TV should make the pre-order leap a little less scary and the second 65-inch TV, while not the best TV ever made, will be perfect for an extra bedroom or basement. 

The downside here is that the 2024 lineup is on the pricey side: Most of the lineup starts at $1,299, so you're at least dropping a grand to get the two TVs. The one exception to that is the 2024 Samsung 43-inch Frame 4K QLED TV that's selling for $999.99. It's also a valid purchase with this deal and it's worth keeping in mind.

If you're not familiar with the new line of TVs, check out our guide to the Samsung TV lineup 2024 and stick around as we complete our reviews in the coming weeks.

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