My favorite video doorbell is perfect for fighting porch pirates — and its $40 off right now

eufy dual video doorbell with a price drop tag on it
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In a world of online shopping and never-ending deliveries, the last thing you need is for someone to beat you to your own porch and swipe your order. Fortunately there are things you can do to keep tabs on your deliveries, and my favorite video doorbell can alert you whenever someone tries to take your abandoned packages.

Right now, you can pick up the Eufy Dual Video Doorbell E340 for just $139 in the Amazon Big Spring Sale, or for $289 if you don't already have a eufy Homebase 3 to pair the doorbell to. That means you can save $40 on this dual-camera video doorbell, which can cover even more angles than a single lens. Plus there’s onboard AI that can keep watch on your packages, day and night.

Eufy Dual Video Doorbell E340: was $179 now $139 @ Amazon

Eufy Dual Video Doorbell E340: was $179 now $139 @ Amazon
Keep watch over your packages with eufy's dual video E340 video doorbell. Not only is there a second camera to watch the floor around your front door, it's also got an onboard AI to monitor packages so you don't have to. You also have 2K video day and night, and local video storage. Just make sure you have a eufy Homebase 3 to pair it to.

Having a video doorbell can be a major boon to your home security. Not only do you get to see who’s at the door before you answer, it also lets you keep tabs on anyone lurking outside and access a live feed via the internet.

The thing I like most about eufy’s dual camera system is that you have a better view than ever before, with the downward-angled camera letting you see what’s happening on the ground below your front door — where those deliveries are usually left. The eufy AI can recognize those packages and let you know both when they arrive, and if someone picks them up. 

And just yesterday that came in handy when the Amazon delivery guy dropped off a package without bothering to ring the doorbell first. The confirmation email didn’t arrive for a couple of hours, and were it not for the doorbell I’d have been oblivious to the fact my new laptop charger was left unattended where anyone could grab it.

Sure the AI sometimes gets a little confused, and has occasionally flagged a package that turned out to be me bringing my suitcase in from the car. It’s also not going to stop people from actually taking your packages, though should that happen you’ll be the first one to know — and you’ll have crystal clear 2K footage of the whole thing.

I’m also quite fond of the E340’s LED lights, which illuminate my front door when it sees people are coming. It’s a heck of a lot more convenient than installing a motion-activated light, that’s for sure.

Of course the main benefit of eufy’s security cameras is that there’s no monthly fee attached. Everything is saved locally on the eufy Homebase, which means you don’t need to maintain an active subscription to enjoy all the benefits of any of its cameras — including the E340 video doorbell. But if you don’t have a eufy Homebase 3 already, you’ll have to buy a bundle for an additional $150.

If you’re looking for other money-saving deals, whether you want the eufy E340 dual video doorbell or not, be sure to check out our Amazon Big Spring Sale page for all our favorite deals and discounts.

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