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iPhone SE 2 Will Reportedly Cost $399: So Why Buy $699 iPhone 11?

(Image credit: Future)

Fans of small phones and cheap phones have been waiting for some time to see a new iPhone SE. The iPhone SE 2 is believed to be hitting shelves in a matter of months, and thanks to a renowned analyst, we might know the price.

Ming Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst and expert on the company’s future intentions, has released a new investor note, seen by Apple Insider. This note says among other things that the iPhone SE 2 will release at a price of $399, which is an awful lot cheaper than the $699 standard iPhone 11.

Kuo still says that the 4.7-inch handset will appear in early 2020, and will include the latest Apple processor, the A13 Bionic, as well as 3GB of RAM and either 64GB or 128GB of storage. For the exterior color, you have a choice of Space Grey, silver or red. (We would expect 64GB since the standard iPhone 11 has that amount, or maybe half that at 32GB.

The iPhone SE 2 is said to be based on the design of the last small iPhone, the iPhone 8, which is still on sale for $449. Having the basic body of these phones with upgraded hardware and an even cheaper price tag will be very attractive to a certain group of users.

iPhone SE 2 vs iPhone 11

The iPhone SE 2 likely won't be as strong as the iPhone 11 when it comes to photography. The iPhone 11 offers dual rear cameras, including an ultra wide-angle lens, as well as Night mode and improved HDR performance. It's safe to assume the iPhone SE2 will have one rear camera.

The iPhone 11 also benefits from featuring a large 6.1-inch display. The iPhone SE 2, if the rumors prove true, will have a 4.7-inch panel. That's a big difference, whether you like to watch movies or shows on the go, play games or just enjoy skimming through your photos.

If the iPhone SE 2 uses the same design as the iPhone 8, you also won't get Face ID, which is one of the hallmark features of the iPhone 11. But we bet that lots of people will be able to live without Face ID.

We’ve been waiting for some time for the iPhone SE 2 to appear, with rumors and alleged delays going back as far as 2018. Assuming it doesn’t get held back again, the first quarter of next year may be the time Apple finally throws another bone to those of us who can’t afford a premium flagship.