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Target PS5 restock latest news — how to get your console

PS5 restock
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PS5 restock has been in short supply at Target in recent weeks — in fact, the retailer hasn't replenished its stock of the in-demand console since last month. But that may be set to change this week. 

According to online stock tracking accounts, Target may be gearing up for a restock later this week. This would be the retailer's first restock in three weeks and would give customers still eager to get their hands on a PS5 another shot at securing Sony's next-gen gaming machine. 

PS5 restock at Target (check stock)

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PS5 restock tracker — check all retailers

Throwing cold water on the restock speculation was YouTuber Jake Randall, who has become quite a prominent figure in the PS5 stock tracking game. He tweeted that he's not received confirmation of a Target PS5 restock for this week as of yet, and while some stores have received stock it's only a small amount at very select locations. 

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This information was corroborated by Matt Swider of TechRadar, who has also heard from his retail sources that only around 14 PS5 consoles have been shipped to some Target locations. This could mean a smaller drop this week, or that Target is slowly building stock for a bigger restock in the coming weeks. 

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If there is PS5 restock this week, by looking at previous Target PS5 restocks, we would guess that this latest drop would take place today (April 22). However, the retailer may once again take this week off and not restock the console.  

It's unknown whether this drop will contain any stock of the PS5 Digital Edition. The all-digital model of the PS5 is even harder to get hold of than the standard version right now, with several recent restocks having solely contained the PS5 Disc Edition. 

Target hasn't restocked the console now for almost three weeks, so we had hoped that this would mean a bigger stock drop than usual, as the retailer may have built up significant supply. However, that doesn't look to be the case. 

To make sure you don't miss out on the stock drop, we’re tracking PS5 restocks not just at Target, but every major retailer. Make sure to bookmark our where to buy a PS5 guide for the latest stock information as we get it.

How to buy a PS5 at Target

Firstly, ensure you have an account set up with your payment and address details stored. This is a vital step if you want to secure a PS5 during a restock. Getting stock in your basket is only half the battle, you don’t want the console to sell out while you’re entering your details. Make sure it’s all pre-saved so you can checkout in seconds. 

Target is known for releasing stock in waves, typically going first with the PS5 standard edition and then following it up with a restock of the PS5 Digital edition. So even if you get on the retailer and the PS5 is already sold out, it’s worth sparing the extra time to see if you can catch a second wave. 

Jake Randall also suggests using alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, or RedCard if possible. The advantage with these is that they use a separate payment portal which bypasses Target’s own servers which have in the past collapsed under the strain of thousands of people all trying to secure that coveted order confirmation email. 

Target also has an app that can be used to try and secure a PS5. A good trick is to try and checkout during a restock on both a desktop and a mobile device. It’s recommended that if you manage to add the PS5 to your cart on one, you switch over to the other to complete checkout. So long as you’re logged in it’ll keep track of the content of your cart.

Finally, at checkout, you can edit your location to select a store that has PS5 in stock if your local is sold out. Occasionally doing this might stop you from progressing further through the checkout process, but if you encounter this issue just clear your browser cookies and give it a second try.