Protect your home for less: Ring Video Doorbell deal is £80 off for Prime Day

Ring Video Doorbell Pro
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Prime Day is here and with it comes a whole range of deals, not least a bevy of smart home bargains. 

One deal very much worth your consideration is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro on sale for £149 on Amazon. That's a big savings of £80. 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro: Was £229 now £149 @ Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell Pro: Was £229 now £149 @ Amazon
Add a layer of security and peace of mind to your home with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. It'll pipe videos from its camera to your smartphone to alert you to wanted and unwanted guests. 

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is effectively a security camera integrated into a doorbell. When someone comes to your property and rings the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, an alert and video will pop up on your smartphone. 

You can then view a live feed of who's at the door and respond to them remotely. Or if you're not in, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro will collect snippet of video of the people who've called around your house, even if they didn't ring the bell, which you can then view at your convenience. 

Not only will this help satisfy people curious to see who comes knocking at their door, it will also help users see who might be snooping around their property. 

In our Ring Video Doorbell Pro review, we gave the camera big praise for its customizable alerts, slick design and sharp video quality. As such, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a handy device for getting started with home security. And at £149, it's quite a bargain. 

Prime Day deals are going to be popping up throughout the rest of the week. We’ll be rounding up all our favorites to help save you money. So make sure to keep checking back to Tom’s Guide for the best Prime Day has to offer.

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