New Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red edition preorders are live — how to get yours

Nintendo Switch OLED Model: mario red edition
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Let's-a-go! Nintendo has officially announced a new Mario-themed edition of its best-selling Nintendo Switch console during this week's Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct. Featuring the plumber's iconic red color palette and the improved display and upgrades of the Nintendo Switch OLED, it launches on October 6, but you can preorder it now through Best Buy, GameStop or the official Nintendo store. 

Previous special-edition Switch OLED consoles, like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom edition, were marked up to $360. But Nintendo is selling the new Mario Red model for the regular Switch OLED price of $350.

As with other special-edition consoles like the ones themed to Splatoon 3 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the new Mario Switch OLED is likely to sell out quickly, and scalpers will no doubt be sniffing around as well. So, if you’re interested in this special-edition Nintendo Switch OLED, we strongly advise securing your preorder as soon as possible. Preorders are available from Best Buy and My Nintendo Store, with GameStop also taking preorders, but only if you're a PowerUp Rewards Pro member.

Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Mario Red Edition: $349.99 @ Best BuyStock check: $349 @ Nintendo Store | $349 @ GameStop

Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Mario Red Edition: $349.99 @ Best Buy
Nintendo's celebrating the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder this October with a special-edition Switch OLED console featuring Mario's signature red from top to bottom. It launches October 6, though preorders are available now through Best Buy, the official Nintendo store or GameStop (exclusive to PowerUp Rewards Pro members). 
Stock check: $349 @ Nintendo Store | $349 @ GameStop

You may be thinking this console looks a lot like the Mario-themed standard Switch Nintendo released in 2021, but if you look closer you'll notice a few neat Easter eggs that set it apart. Instead of a red-and-black color scheme, the OLED variant is decked out in red from the dock to the Joy-Cons to the Switch itself. Mario's silhouette decorates the dock's back panel. When opened, it's revealed he's actually chasing a row of coins hidden under the dock's cover.

Beyond its Mario-themed cosmetics, this is the same great Nintendo Switch OLED console that first launched in October 2021. That means you’re getting all of the model’s improvements including a larger 7-inch OLED display, a wider adjustable kickstand, a refresh dock with a wired internet port and 64GB of internal storage. It’s a serious step up compared to the regular Nintendo Switch or the budget-friendly Nintendo Switch Lite.  

Just don’t expect this Switch to come with a copy of the game it’s tied to, as Super Mario Bros. Wonder (launching Oct. 20) is not included.

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