How to watch Under the Banner of Heaven online right now — release date and time, trailer and cast

Andrew Garfield in Under the Banner of Heaven
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You can now watch Under the Banner of Heaven online, and dive into a true crime double-homicide that shook one detective's faith. Yes, if that title is familiar, Hulu has indeed adapted Jon Krakauer's best-selling book into a new series starring Andrew Garfield and Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Under the Banner of Heaven start time, channel

Date Under the Banner of Heaven debuted today (Thursday, April 28) with its first two episodes
Time 3 a.m. ET
• U.S. — Watch on Hulu
• U.K., Can. Aus. and others — Watch on the Disney Plus Star Channel

Under the Banner of Heaven is set in 1984, and follows soft-spoken detective Jeb Pyre (Garfield), whose devout Mormon faith is shaken by what he finds in a suburb in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah. Pyre is here to investigate the death of Brenda Wright Lafferty (Edgar-Jones) and her baby daughter.

The town is so quaint and nice that Pyre is the kind of detective who thought his community didn't even need to lock its doors. While townsfolk tell Pyre to stop digging, his discoveries go past those two.

Once Pyre gets to the root of the story, he reveals hidden truths about the origin of the LDS religion, facts that rock Pyre's core. 

Here's everything you need to know to watch Under the Banner of Heaven online. Plus, check out the trailer below.

How to watch Under the Banner of Heaven in the US

In the U.S., viewers can watch Under the Banner of Heaven beginning today (April 28) at 3 a.m. ET on Hulu. The first two episodes dropped together. Yes, even though Under the Banner of Heaven is an FX show, it's also a Hulu exclusive. Weird, eh?

Hulu is one of the best streaming services, but not just for shows such as Under the Banner of Heaven. Its ability to let you watch currently airing shows on a single day delay is a prime example of how Hulu helps you cut the cord.

Future episodes will be released weekly for the remainder of the eight-episode season.


Hulu offers a huge library of classic and current TV shows and movies, as well as acclaimed originals like Handmaid's Tale and movie exclusives including Oscar winner Nomadland. Plus, it's got the entire FX catalog. You can try out the service with a free one-month trial, after which a subscription costs just $6.99.

How to watch Under the Banner of Heaven in the UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland

Since Hulu isn't international, the Disney Plus Star Channel is going to be how people around the world — in Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore — watch Under the Banner of Heaven.

The series debuts Thursday (April 28).

Disney Plus

Disney Plus gives you access to the entire Disney vault of classics like Frozen, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast as well as newer hits like Moon Knight, Loki and more. 

Under the Banner of Heaven trailer

Cops see a whole lot of grisly crime scenes, but the Under the Banner of Heaven trailer kicks off by showing how one officer is unable to hold it together as he photographs evidence. We then meet Jeb Pyre (Garfield) who we hear praying for guidance from the lord while we see him exploring the same crime scene. The trailer also shows how this town is seemingly a bit too quaint for the crimes that are at hand.

Under the Banner of Heaven cast

Andrew Garfield (tick, tick...BOOM!) leads Under the Banner of Heaven's cast as the pious Detective Jeb Pyre, whose religion isn't helping him a whole lot during a particularly disturbing case. Sam Worthington (Avatar) plays primary suspect Ron Lafferty.

  • Andrew Garfield as Detective Jeb Pyre
  • Daisy Edgar-Jones as Brenda Lafferty
  • Sam Worthington as Ron Lafferty
  • Denise Gough as Dianna Lafferty
  • Wyatt Russell as Dan Lafferty
  • Billy Howle as Allen Lafferty
  • Gil Birmingham as Bill Taba
  • Adelaide Clemens as Rebecca Pyre
  • Rory Culkin as Samuel Lafferty
  • Seth Numrich as Robin Lafferty
  • Chloe Pirrie as Matilda Lafferty
  • Sandra Seacat as Josie Pyre
  • Christopher Heyerdahl as Ammon Lafferty
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