Exclusive VPN deal from Hotspot Shield offers three years for just $2.49 a month

Hotspot Shield VPN deals cheap
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Who said quality has to cost the world? Well, while some of the best VPN services do charge users sky-high rates, this contender has slashed prices while maintaining world-class quality.

The provider in question is Hotspot Shield, and its most recent VPN deal is matching some of the cheapest VPNs on the market right now. For just $2.49 a month, you'll get three years of cover from one of the top-rated VPNs around – that's 36 months for under $90, all-in.

In our testing it's proven to be excellent for staying anonymous, great at unblocking geo-restricted content, and delivers incredibly fast connections thanks to its proprietary Catapult Hydra tech – it's one of our highest-ranking VPNs because of it.

However, if you head to the Hotspot Shield site yourself, you'll notice that this deal isn't available. That's because it's an exclusive best-ever price for readers of Tom's Guide and our sister site TechRadar. Find out more below.

Hotspot Shield | EXCLUSIVE 75% off | $2.49/mo

<a href="https://trk.aclktrkr.com/aff_c?offer_id=53&aff_id=1024&aff_click_id=hawk-custom-tracking&aff_sub2=hawk-article-url" data-link-merchant="trk.aclktrkr.com"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Hotspot Shield | EXCLUSIVE 75% off | $2.49/mo
On its three-year plan, Hotspot Shield has dropped its price to just $2.49 a month. With incredible speeds and great streaming performance, it's highly recommended for users who want a simple, effective VPN to use every day – and you'll be covered by a huge 45-day money-back guarantee in case you don't like it.

Why is this Hotspot Shield deal so good?

Hotspot Shield is all about connection speed, and it's mightily impressive. In our testing it topped out at over 400Mbps, which is well beyond what most domestic broadband lines can achieve – so, while you might not be able to get those speeds, you'll know it's not your VPN slowing you down.

In truth, we haven't always rated Hotspot Shield so highly, but recently the provider has upped its game and earnt itself fourth position in our best VPN services guide. It's great for streaming and unblocking websites, torrenting, gaming, and general day-to-day protection.

We rate ExpressVPN as the very best service on the market, with polished apps and excellent performance, but at $6.67 a month it's a fair bit more expensive. NordVPN is another close competitor that offers a little more in terms of all-out power, but again, at $4.13 a month it's considerably more expensive.

So, if you're after a simple, effective fast VPN, Hotspot Shield could well be the right choice for you.

Mo Harber-Lamond
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