Early Prime Day 2020 deal: Fire TV Recast is now $100 off

Fire TV Recast DVR
(Image credit: Amazon)

Fans of cord-cutting can rejoice: As part of its early Prime Day deals, Amazon is offering the Fire TV Recast for $100 off its usual $229 price, provided you’re willing to join Amazon Prime. 

Fire TV Recast: was $229.99 now $129.99 on Amazon

Fire TV Recast: was $229.99 now $129.99 on Amazon  
Get started with recording live TV broadcasts thanks to this $100 saving for the Amazon Fire TV Recast. 

As a digital video recorder, the Amazon Fire TV Recast lets you record live TV broadcasts in HD and then have the luxury of being able to pause, replay, or fast forward through them. It’s an ideal solution to the problem of being away during a football match or desperately needing to grab a sandwich partway through a high-tension drama. 

And the Fire TV Recast does this in a rather compact and non-descript box that’ll easily integrate into your entertainment setup. Especially if you already have an Amazon Fire TV stick. The Fire TV Recast offers 500GB of storage space and a pair of TV tuners, which should be plenty to get you started in the world of cord-cutting and TV recording. 

At a price of $229, the Fire TV Recast was arguably not the cheapest device around, though it does open up a new way of consuming broadcast media. But if you join Amazon Prime, you can get the DVR for $129.99. When you consider that Prime also gives you access to Prime Video, Amazon’s own TV and movie streaming services, you’re looking at a deal that will allow you to set the foundations for a rather impressive TV and media setup. 

For more early savings, check out our Amazon Prime Day deals page where you’re sure to snag yourself a bargain. 

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