Hush Blankets unveils ‘Iced’ cooling mattress to help you fall asleep faster

Hush Blankets unveils ‘Iced’ cooling mattress to help you fall asleep faster
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You’ve opened the windows, have a fan blasting, and somehow you’re still too hot to sleep. Sound familiar? There are lots of reasons why that might be the case, but your existing mattress could also be one of them. Plenty of the best mattress brands are tackling this specific sleep snag, and the latest is Hush with its new Iced Cooling Tech mattress. 

Launched this week, the Hush Mattress (from $1,150) 'guarantees to be 3 degrees cooler than your room temperature’. Maintaining a sleep-friendly temperature is key to snoozing better because if you’re too hot, you’ll wake up more often and your sleep will be disturbed. According to Hush, its newcomer aims to help you stay cool all night and fall asleep faster.

Previously known for its plush weighted blankets, Hush has developed an Iced Cooling Tech system comprising a top layer of phase-change material, plus a graphite layer in the pillow top to draw heat away from your body.

While some types of memory foam mattress are known for holding heat, Hush aims to side-step this by using foam made with gel bubbles that absorb heat without circulating it back up to you. We haven't tested the Hush Mattress for ourselves yet, but we hope to test its cooling performance and comfort soon.

Hush Cooling Mattress

(Image credit: Hush Blankets)

The TEMPUR-Breeze also offers a similar 3-degrees cooler guarantee, but it’s over double the cost (from $3,299). With a starting price of $1,150, Hush is one of the most affordable cooling mattresses to launch recently. The new Serta Arctic Mattress, for example, has a starting price of $3,099. 

Sleep giant Casper’s cooling Snow range, which debuted earlier this spring, costs from $1,695 (read our Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress review for more on the 4.5-star rated model).

A cooling mattress for restless couples

The Hush Mattress is also targeting another sleep challenge: restlessness. Does your bed buddy toss and turn all night long? If so, a mattress with motion isolation is your friend, and the Hush uses individually-wrapped coils to handle its motion isolation duties. Most hybrid mattresses in a box talk up their zero motion transfer game, and there are cheaper options available if a restless partner is your biggest sleep challenge.

The Hush Mattress is also designed with a Zoned Support System, so the springs are firmer around your torso and lighter around your feet and shoulders to ease strain. The aim? To cradle your body and ensure proper spinal alignment (lessening neck and back pain). 

It’s compatible with a range of bed bases too, including adjustable beds and platforms, and comes with a 10-year warranty, plus free USA-wide shipping. You’ll get 100 nights to put the mattress to the test, which is about average for a mattress trial.

If you like the sound of the cooling Hush Mattress, the brand is offering an exclusive launch deal where you can save up to $201 on any size. With that discount, prices start from $950, with a queen costing $1,499 and a Cal king priced $1,899.

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