BT Smart Baby Monitor can give you peace of mind

BT Baby Smart Monitor
Piece of mind (Image credit: BT)

In 2020 BT won platinum at the prestigious Loved By Parents awards for best baby monitor. So new and soon-to-be parents take note. Smart baby monitors, as you might well think, seem a natural and logical step as we become more reliant on smart technology for our homes. We want our busy lives to become more streamlined, easier to manage, so the fun and important parts take precedence.

Smart baby monitor

Pan, zoom, and tilt  (Image credit: BT)

Having the in-pocket ability to see and communicate with our precious new-borns is the least anyone could ask for, today. As you might imagine a BT smart baby monitor can be controlled through the BT Smart Controls app - allowing you to view, talk to, record, and soothe your newborn wherever you are in the house, or out altogether. 

What makes the BT Smart Baby Monitor so smart? HD app streaming makes it easy to see your baby via the app so not a moment is missed, couple this with the two-way talk-back and you can communicate with your baby in real time. Of course, you are also able to record and take pics - capturing those gorgeous moments when they are sound asleep. Being an award winning Smart Baby monitor also means that you can pan, zoom and tilt the camera remotely, check the temperature, and play a selection of lullabies to lull them back to sleep. Being able to check on your baby, no matter where you are, needless to say is a matter of some relief and importance.

Smart baby monitor

Select a soothing lullaby (Image credit: BT)

There is a whole range of baby monitors to choose from, too. Take a look at the range. There is something for everyone - from Smart Baby Monitors to more traditional audio and video monitors. Whether it’s for your own new arrivals or a gift for friends or family there is a full range to look through and a handy comparison table to help you choose.

The smart monitor is a great piece of kit though, for serious piece of mind. Working from home? Babysitter in charge? Simply download the app and be in control from wherever and whenever. Being able to check the temperature of your baby’s room is also an essential. No need to sneak in and risk waking them up, in order to check.

You can watch your little one fall asleep with the range of baby monitors available, and with the night-vision function you can keep a loving eye on them with the lights turned down. 

Another perk of the Smart Baby Monitors is the ability to connect with Alexa or google voice capabilities - smart commands for smart parents.

Award winning smart baby monitor

(Image credit: BT)