Add Alexa to any room for $17 with this cheap Echo Flex deal

Add Amazon Alexa smart functionality to any outlet for less
Amazon Echo Flex (Image credit: Future)

The Echo Flex mini smart speaker adds Alexa functionality to any room. And right now, you can get as many as you need for dirt cheap. 

Currently, Amazon has the Echo Flex on sale for just $17. That's $8 off its $25 retail price and the lowest price we've ever seen for this smart gadget. It's one of the best smart home deals we've seen season and $3 cheaper than its Black Friday price.

Amazon Echo Flex: was $25 now $17 @ Amazon

Amazon Echo Flex: was $25 now $17 @ Amazon
Plug Alexa into your wall with Echo Flex. The compact smart speaker isn't the best music device, but it's incredibly versatile when placed where you wouldn't any dangling cords. Bundle it with a motion sensor or night light for added super powers.

The Echo Flex plug-in speaker is the most affordable way to add Alexa voice assistance to your home. 

In our Echo Flex review, we loved its hassle-free set up and nifty accessories and gave it a 4 out of 5 star rating. Although it lacks the audio quality of the Echo Dot, its routine-friendly motion sensor adds smart skills to any space. 

Design-wise, the Echo Flex looks more like a plug-in carbon monoxide detector than an audio device. Its 5.3-ounce 2.8 x 2.6 x 2.0-inch plastic shell is compatible with traditional wall outlets. 

Like Amazon's family of Echo Speakers, it features a status light, dual microphones, a button to wake Alexa and a microphone switch. There's a 3.5mm like on on either side and unlike the Echo Dot, there are no volume controls for its 0.6 inch built-in speaker. 

The Echo Flex shines as an intercom enough to communicate a brief message or last-minute reminder. In real world tests we could hear the person on the other line clearly when calling someone. 

The optional $15 motion sensor for Echo Flex, lets you create Alexa automated smart home routines while the $15 Night-Light intuitively illuminates when its internal light sensor detects a dark environment. 

So if you're looking for a cheap means of implementing smart functionality throughout your home, this $17 Echo Flex is your best bet. 

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