Blink's video doorbell just crashed to $44 — and it doesn't require a subscription

Blink Video Doorbell deal
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While Amazon's Ring makes some of the best video doorbells we've tested, the tech giant also owns the entry-level security camera brand Blink. The battery-powered Blink Video Doorbell lacks the more professional monitoring features of Ring's options (like identifying subjects as package delivery), but Blink's budget camera makes up for it in performance and ease of use. You can see how the two compare in this Blink versus Ring video doorbell faceoff where Blink bested Ring in several key areas.

Right now, the Blink Video Doorbell + Sync Module 2 is just $44 on Amazon. That's $25 off and the lowest price for the complete system. You'll want to buy it bundled with the Sync Module 2 to store video locally rather than pay a monthly fee, which is an especially hot pro coming off of Ring's recent service price increase. While you won't get package detection or a more granular level of smart home control—this is still an excellent way to keep an eye on your doorstep.

Blink Video Doorbell w/ Sync Module: was $69 now $44 @ Amazon
Price check: $44 @ Best Buy

Blink Video Doorbell w/ Sync Module: was $69 now $44 @ Amazon
Blink's video doorbell can be installed on any doorway since it runs on battery power, but it can also be wired into your existing setup to tap into your home's chime. This is an inexpensive way to monitor your property and talk to visitors via two-way audio. The included Sync module means you can store video locally without paying a monthly subscription.
Price check: $44 @ Best Buy

Although you can buy the Blink Video Doorbell for even less at $36 by itself without a Sync Module, I wouldn't recommend this bundle. The Sync Module not only lets you record the crisp 1080p video to a USB drive to avoid paying for cloud storage, but also lets you access live-view and two-way audio at any point in time rather than only in response to a doorbell press or motion event. 

Blink's Video Doorbell battery lasts for up to two years at default settings. While Blink doesn't sell a separate chime you can play a sound for button presses and motion alerts through Blink Cameras or Amazon Echo devices. If you opt to install it to your existing doorbell wiring it can tap into your in-home chime. Plus if you have an Alexa smart home you can see who's at your door and respond from an Echo Show or Fire TV device. 

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