The future’s what we make it, and HP is providing the tools

We’ve lived through hard times, and we know that it’s on all of us to work toward a brighter future. Positive visions of the future, cooperation, and collective efforts, and creativity are what will drive us forward, and HP is here to support those efforts.

For the last 80 years, HP has been designing products that help people explore their creativity and invent during the best times and the worst times. The company continues to operate with this passion, and it’s set its eyes on the future with sustainably designed products and a company structure and operation that reflects these values.

It’s not just a matter of HP’s values, though. You’ve got your own goals and vision for the future, and HP’s thoughtfully designed laptops are here to help you realize that future.

From side-gigs that let you flex your creative muscles and freelance work that allows you to explore your passions, HP’s Envy line of high-performance laptops are designed to meet your needs and then step out of the way. Everyone’s process and approach is unique, so a device that provides freedom and flexibility for each creator is a must. In the end, it’s your message, your way — not how a computer dictates you create it.

HP’s Envy 17 provides you with a large, high-resolution screen and high-power internals like dedicated Nvidia graphics processors to make short work of your next creative endeavors, and its Envy 13 and Envy x360 13 offer portable designs and power-efficient processing.

Each laptop offers a range of capabilities to suit every need. Need a touchscreen or a stylus? The choice is yours. With many different models and customization options, HP’s Envy lineup provides a machine that can fit the bill, in turn letting you get one device for your needs and avoid generating e-waste with several devices that each only cover a portion of your needs.

HP Envy laptop

(Image credit: HP)

You won’t always be working and creating alone, so HP also has you covered for collaboration. The Envy lineup offers fast Wi-Fi 6 networking and includes Network Booster software to let you prioritize apps that need the highest bandwidth and lowest latency — no more glitching out when you’re on an important video call. In the connected age, privacy is another major concern, so HP has built-in dedicated camera shutters and mic mute buttons on the majority of its Envy laptops.

In a world that moves fast, you can’t afford to have a machine that leaves you high and dry with no simple means of getting back up and running. HP’s warranty provides some peace of mind, and its virtual diagnostic tools and extensive network for repair centers can help ensure you get back in action as fast as possible.

HP has also designed these laptops for a sustainable future. You’ll find recycled aluminum in the design and power-efficient hardware that helps you keep your own carbon footprint low. 

The future is coming, and we all have a hand in shaping it. HP is making its own efforts for a better planet, and it’s providing us with the tools to make ours. Find the tool for you