HONOR's new Magic5 Pro is your ticket to record-breaking AI photos

Phone captures basketballer slam dunking
(Image credit: HONOR)

HONOR certainly hasn’t held back with the sparkling new features of its Magic5 Pro. Not least with its AI capability — a standout that’s sure to grab your attention.

First up, could you spot the one big difference in these photos, captured on the Magic5 Pro? No, neither could we. But in fact, this basketball player is breaking a Guinness World Record with the shots captured by the phone itself. 

Thanks to its new AI capability — full details of which are being revealed at MWC later this month — you don’t need to be a pro photographer with a ton of kit to get unique shots like these using the Magic5 Pro. And fortunately you don’t need to be a world-class athlete either.

Showing off its image-taking chops with epic stunts like these, HONOR has been putting its money where its mouth is to prove the abilities of the Magic5 Pro. But just how useful are these capabilities to the day-to-day smartphone user?

In short, the answer is very. The vast majority of us rely on smartphones to take photos every day and while advancements in tech mean these images are superb, we are all too familiar with some of the pain points that come with them.

One such gripe is the limited capability of some phones to capture crisp, non-blurry photos of moving subjects. Some smartphones on the market offer solutions to this, such as ‘burst modes’ that take multiple photos in quick succession — but these leave you to manually select from an overwhelming number of often blurry pictures.

Phone captures basketballer slam dunking

(Image credit: HONOR)

By harnessing the processing power of our smartphones, AI already has the capability to automatically adjust hundreds of settings, retouch images on the fly, replicate optical zoom and depth of field effects — and that’s just the start.

With the Magic5 Pro launch, HONOR is about to reveal exactly how its AI tech works. The HONOR Magic5 Pro will unlock your camera’s potential without the need for professional equipment, and with an easy and accessible user experience.

In other words, just imagine that graduation photo, awards ceremony or sporting event where you’re trying to get into position and grapple with your phone’s myriad options. With your next handset, it could all be about to get much easier. By intelligently identifying the right moments, body movements and even facial expressions, your phone could create an image just like these of basketball stars. 

So whether your subject is running, jumping or singing, you’ll get the shot in the bag — all thanks to the advancements in AI tech and innovation at HONOR.

For the full story, watch this space and hear all the details from the launch event.

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