Give your new iPhone 14 the protection it deserves with a Rokform case

Rokform iPhone 14 case
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The iPhone 14 is Apple’s powerful, beautiful testament of engineering prowess. This year brings improved cameras, powerful processors, and some great new colors to their lineup.

But, as is always the case, they’re quite expensive. These phones don’t come cheap, and as beautiful and well-built as they are, at the end of the day, they’re still made of mostly glass, which is still breakable. 

That’s why it’s always worth investing in a case that’s just as well built as the phone itself. In most situations, however, there are really only two styles of case to choose from. There are the stylish cases that look great but aren’t very protective, or the massive cases that add a ton of bulk, are hard to carry, and essentially turn the phone into a small tank. Most of the larger, more rugged cases also don’t allow for the use of accessories like wireless chargers, MagSafe accessories, or car mounts.

That’s why Rokform’s latest Rugged and Crystal cases are such a great option offering the best of both worlds. Rokform is no stranger to making beautiful and protective cases, as they've been pioneering new and functional ways to utilize your case for more than 12 years. This year, they’re bringing the best of what they do to the new iPhone 14.   

Rokform iPhone 14 cases have Roklock Technology

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What sets Rokform apart from the rest of the pack is their combination of military-grade protection with incredibly useful features like their patented RokLock Twist Lock system. This system allows for quick and easy connection to a range of Rokform mounts and chargers that keep your phone safe and secure - you simply drop the phone onto the mount and twist to lock it into place. Whether in a car, on a motorcycle, or biking through the mountains, Rokform cases make sure your phone stays right where it’s supposed to - on the mount.  

Rokform iPhone 14 cases are MagSafe compatible

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Another great feature of Rokform’s cases is the powerful magnet just below the twist lock. This allows for a quick connection to any magnetic surface like a metal bench, car mount, or golf cart pole without a second thought - perfect for those hands-free situations.

For those who have been frustrated about having to choose between a stylish phone case that looks good or a heavy-duty rugged one that adds a ton of bulk to their phone, Rokform cases offer the best of both worlds.

Rokform iPhone 14 cases are versatile

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They’re slim and stylish, all while offering some really incredible functionality. Each case comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee backed by a 2-year warranty. For a limited time, Rokform is including a free tempered glass screen protector with every iPhone 14 case. 

No matter what iPhone you get this year, be sure to grab a Rokform case to go with it.