ASUS offers pro-grade power on a budget with latest laptops

(Image credit: ASUS)

In May 2022 ASUS launches its Thin and Light series. These all-new Vivobook S series laptops look to be the crowning glory of Asus’ already solid range of affordable computers. The Vivobook series has always offered style and performance without breaking the bank. They usually feature high in lists of best laptops. 

If you were asked what the most important aspect of a laptop was, what would you say? No doubt it’d be performance, with the battery coming in at a close second.


(Image credit: Asus)

These colorful laptops, with a sleek metal design, are powered by a 12th Gen H series CPU, with 2x better performance than its predecessor, the 11th Gen Intel Core i5. That’s a lot of power.

In fact, the 12th gen chip performs better than the much respected Apple M1 chip in scenario testing - the H series CPU performed 1.5X faster when using Photoshop compared to a MacBook Air M1.


Stylish and powerful enough for all needs. (Image credit: ASUS)

Whether you create content or need a high performing unit for general use, the boost in performance with the new Vivobook S 14X/16X and Vivobook S 14/15 is going to mean smoother use all round. Heavy content creator or not, casual creativity and entertainment are common denominators for the majority of users.

A look under the hood shows an upgradable 16 GB DDR4 RAM, and an ultrafast 1 TB PCIe® SSD. Looking at the Vivobook S series might have you wondering how these sleek laptops are capable of CPU performance up to a groundbreaking 45-watt thermal design power (TDP). This is down to ASUS IceCool thermal technology — think super efficient heat transfer.  

Apps are always going to be demanding, and your machine ideally needs to do several things at once without a glitch. You want fast launch speeds, wait-free editing and general everyday computing that saves time. 


(Image credit: ASUS)

ASUS is already known for producing great looking laptops that resonate with the everyday user. The company was voted best laptop brand 2020 by Laptop Mag and consistently delivers for those who need power on a budget. No one needs to splurge for a top-tier laptop to get the performance they need.

The S series is the thinnest of the Vivobook range, just 0.7 inches thin (17.9 mm) and weighing from as little as 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg). All models also have a 180° lay-flat hinge for sharing and presenting work on the go. 

With a stunning OLED display that makes entertainment pop, these laptops are perfect for the modern user who wants entertainment and work to be seamless. If you’ve been stuck wondering at the sheer number of Asus laptops alone, look no further in terms of something that is mass-market and dependable. 

If you want to up the ante and need something a little more creator-conscious with pro features, the Zenbook Pro and Vivobook Pro give you a little more to play with. For more premium options look no further than the Zenbook 14X and Zenbook 14 Flip.