5 best ways to use HONOR’s new flagship foldable

Man sits in the back of a car smiling at the screen of his HONOR Magic Vs.
(Image credit: HONOR)

The wait is almost over for the arrival of HONOR’s first foray into foldables on the global stage, and fingers will be itching to try out the new HONOR Magic Vs when it launches at MWC 2023.

But exactly how will this debut change up your smartphone life, and will we finally see a real challenger emerge to take on the likes of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold? Brimming with a fresh set of features owed to its top notch software and hardware design, if any phone will sway you on the folding phenomenon, it’s this one.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to use its globally impressive specs to your advantage — should you be looking for your next upgrade.

Foldable stands up on its own thanks to its hinge.

(Image credit: HONOR)

1. Use cool tricks to take pics

First and foremost, the camera on the Magic Vs is certainly nothing to be sniffed at. Sporting a crystal-clear 54Mp IMX800 main camera (f/1.9), flanked by a 50Mp ultra wide & macro camera (f/2.0) and an 8MP 3x optical zoom camera (f/2.4), HONOR is giving you a cinematic powerhouse in the palm of your hand. 

Have you ever thought about using these rear triple cameras to take a selfie? It's super simple! Just unfold the HONOR Magic Vs and enable the cover screen preview option in the camera app — now you can preview your selfie through the external screen. Through the rear camera you can get a more detailed selfie with an unprecedented quality. The 54-megapixel wide-angle main camera has a stunning photography performance, taking a selfie with you and your loved one extraordinary.

2. Get down to business

Undoubtedly designed with productivity in mind, the Magic Vs will make you the ultimate taskmaster. Fueled by a total of 5,000 mAh (the largest battery capacity seen on a folding phone under 270g), the stunning 7.9 inch internal display is great for business, whether it’s email writing on the large keyboard, reading documents or file browsing.

Gone are the days of lugging around both your phone and tablet to try and nail that extra hour of work on the train. HONOR’s stunning screens catapult the Magic Vs to the highest heights of productivity.


(Image credit: HONOR)

3. Be a magic multitasker

Together with Google, HONOR is committed to ensuring apps are as adapted as they can be to the foldable ecosystem. The Magic Vs supports “APP Extender” which enables users to run two separate tasks on one app simultaneously — in two roomy windows facilitated by the large screen. So, you can message two people on WhatsApp at once, making your social life that bit easier.

The HONOR MagicOS 7.1 functionalities ensure this foldable phone can handle all the multitasking you can throw at it, meaning two apps in split screen along the centrefold will run as smoothly as butter.

4. Get immersed in entertainment

A stellar chipset and the 2K+ foldable OLED display make the HONOR Magic Vs an entertainment powerhouse. The large screen makes the film, game or online content you’re enjoying that much more immersive, while the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 driver makes everything run… well, snappily!

Watching films and playing games on the go is a real treat thanks to the IMAX enhanced stereo speaker system, delivering crisp DTS:X audio. You’ll be hard pressed to find an entertainment system that’s this beautiful and fits right in the palm of your hand.

Foldable phone stands up on its own with its back side facing the camera.

(Image credit: HONOR)

5. Work on your sleep routine

We all need to use our phones after dark, whether that’s a cosy video chat with family or sorting out life admin. But sometimes that can affect the way we sleep. A brilliant aspect of HONOR’s design for the Magic Vs lies in its Professional Eye comfort solutions and industry-first Dynamic Dimming technology. This uses an imperceptible change in screen brightness to alleviate eye fatigue, and it does this by increasing blood circulation in the ciliary muscle and activating corresponding neurons in the visual cortex. All meaning you get a natural light-like viewing experience.

Alongside this the phone boasts an all-new Circadian Night Display that warms display colours to reduce the amount of blue light automatically after sunset. This ensures the secretion of melatonin at the right time, meaning you can use your Magic Vs well after dark without worry. Eye strain is also reduced thanks to Honor's industry-leading 1920Hz Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which reduces perceived luminance by rapidly cycling a screen's backlight on and off. This makes the Magic Vs a phone you can use all day long.

It would seem that HONOR’s new flagship has lots to be shouting about — and will be doing just that at the official launch at MWC 2023. Save the date to find out more.