These PS5 compatible Western Digital SSDs are up to $50 off at Amazon

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The latest PS5 system update has rolled out globally today, and the flagship feature is that the users are now able to upgrade the console’s internal storage by adding a compatible M.2 SSD drive into the console's expansion slot. So it’s good timing that Amazon has a range of Western Digital drives that meet Sony’s benchmarks on sale.

Right now you can get the WD_Black 1TB SN850 NVMe SSD for $179 at Amazon. That’s $50 off its usual price, although you will need to purchase a heatsink separately. Alternatively, this WD_Black 500GB SN850 NVMe SSD w/ heatsink is $166 at Amazon, that’s $33 off its usual price, and it’ll work right out of the box. 

WD_Black 500GB SN850 NVMe SSD w/ Heatsink: was $199 now $166 @ Amazon

WD_Black 500GB SN850 NVMe SSD w/ Heatsink: was $199 now $166 @ Amazon
The WD_Black SN850 SSD hits all of Sony's specifications and fits perfectly into the PS5's internal expansion slot. This 500GB model sports an included heatsink so it works right out of the box. It's currently $33 off at Amazon. 

WD_Black 1TB SN850 NVMe SSD: was $229 now $179 @ Amazon

WD_Black 1TB SN850 NVMe SSD: was $229 now $179 @ Amazon
The 1TB model of the WD_Black SN850 SSD is also on sale at Amazon. However, this model of the speedy drive doesn't come with a heatsink, which Sony recommends, so you'll need to buy one separately and attach it yourself before installing it in your PS5. This Be Quiet! heatsink ($16 at Amazon) will fit onto the drive.  

WD_Black 1TB SN850 NVMe SSD: was $529 now $429 @ Amazon

WD_Black 1TB SN850 NVMe SSD: was $529 now $429 @ Amazon
This 2TB model of the WD_Black SN850 SDD costs nearly as much as a PS5 console itself. However, if you want to never have to worry about storage space again, and have the means, then it's a worthwhile purchase. It doesn't come with a supplied heatsink though, so you need to buy one and attach it yourself. This Be Quiet! heatsink ($16 at Amazon) will fit. 

I’ve personally tested out the WD_Black SN850 SSD on my own PS5, and can confirm that the drive is fully compatible with the console. During my testing, I actually found that some games loaded even quicker when running off the SN850 SSD than they did when played from the PS5’s stock drive. 

Once added to the storage expansion slot, the SN850 SSD sits alongside the console’s original 825GB drive, meaning you don’t lose any storage when upgrading. Essentially, if you buy a 1TB SN850, you’ll end up with 1.8TB of storage after installation. 

The installation process itself is fairly straightforward, but we have a walkthrough if you need one. It’s also very important to note that if go for an SSD without a heatsink you will need to buy and attach one yourself per Sony’s recommendation. 

Without a heatsink, the drive is likely to run too hot and could cause damage to your console or the SSD itself. Either this MHQJRH heatsink or this Be Quiet heatsink will fit nicely onto the WD_Black SN850. 

With the ability to upgrade the PS5’s SSD now out of beta and available to all console owners, compatible drives are expected to become very popular. We recommend purchasing one before the prices return to normal, or even worse are hiked up by immoral scalpers. 

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