The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Google Pixel Watch both hit lowest price ever — which should you buy?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Google Pixel Watch
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If you're an Android user, two of the best smartwatches on the market are vying for your dollar right now.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is $219 at Amazon right now. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel Watch is $299 at Amazon. Both these watches are currently at their lowest prices ever, but which should you buy? I've put these smartwatches head to head to determine which is right for you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: was $279 now $219 @ Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">was $279 now $219 @ Amazon
This fifth-generation Galaxy smartwatch boasts a suite of Google Watch OS functionality and extra Samsung features. Benefit from advanced sleep coaching, body composition analysis, daily workout memory and more. And despite being excellent for fitness, the Watch 5 performs brilliantly as a smartwatch with longer-lasting battery life and a clean stripped back look in a range of pastel colors. 

Google Pixel Watch:&nbsp;was $349 now $299 @ Amazon

Google Pixel Watch: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">was $349 now $299 @ Amazon
The Google Pixel Watch features an AMOLED screen, Wear OS by Google, and Fitbit fitness tracking. It's also water and scratch-resistant and can measure your heart rate, monitor your sleep, and track your heart rhythm with ECG. In our <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_self">Google Pixel Watch review, we said its good looks, smart software, and Fitbit-based fitness tracking features make it a strong first-generation device.

As well as our Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 review and our Google Pixel Watch review, we have a detailed comparison of both of these watches in our Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Google Pixel Watch face-off. Long story short, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the watch to buy if you have a Samsung phone. Similarly, the Google Pixel Watch is ideal if you're using a Google Pixel phone.

But what if you're using one of best Android phones from another brand, like OnePlus or Asus? There are reasons you might bat for team Pixel Watch as a Samsung phone owner or vice versa, too. So I'll give a quick rundown of the reasons for and against purchasing each watch.

App support: Both watches run on Wear OS, but the experience of using both watches are different. The Pixel Watch comes with every Google app you could want built-in, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 sticks to only the bare essentials: Google Maps, Gmail and Google Assistant.

Fitness tracking: If you're a fan of Fitbit fitness trackers, you'll probably favor the Google Pixel Watch: it uses Fitbit for all health tracking. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 uses Samsung Health. As for the metrics each watch covers, the Google Pixel Watch measures heart rate and SpO2, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch does the same — plus skin temperature sensing and body composition analysis.

Design: Aesthetics definitely matter for a device you'll be wearing on your wrist every day. Design wise, the Google Pixel Watch has a sportier look. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is more versatile with a premium metal finish.

Battery: And which smartwatch lasts the longest? The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is rated for 50 hours of battery life, while the Google Pixel Watch is rated for 24 hours of battery life. Depending on which tracking features you use, your mileage may vary when it comes to battery life, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 should last you longer on a charge.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the smartwatch I'd recommend to most Android users. It's more fully-featured, it has longer battery life, and it costs less! But if you're dependent on Google's apps or love Fitbit health tracking, the Google Pixel Watch is still an excellent smartwatch that won't let you down.

Stay tuned to our Memorial Day sales coverage for more deals as we get closer to the holiday.

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