The Bird Buddy is the best smart bird feeder, and it’s $70 off for Cyber Monday

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Do you like watching birds in your yard, but want to get a better look at them, or want to know just what they are? Then now is a good time to score a deal on the Bird Buddy, a smart bird feeder that not only lets you get a close-up view, but will also identify the feathered friends coming to your yard. 

For Cyber Monday, the Bird Buddy has been marked down to $209, a savings on $70 off its regular price. You can buy a lot of bird seed with what you save.

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Update (Nov. 27): This deal is now sold out on Amazon, but it's still available at

Bird Buddy: was $279 now $209 @ Bird Buddy

Bird Buddy: was $279 now $209 @ Bird Buddy
This smart bird feeder has a camera that records photos and videos of the birds at the feeder, and an AI will identify them for you, too. This deal is for the Bird Buddy with a solar panel roof, saving you from having to recharge the camera yourself.

Price check: Amazon (sold out)

In my Bird Buddy review, I was impressed with the high quality of the photos and videos taken by the feeder's camera. I could see all sorts of details on the sparrows, finches, cardinals, and even the squirrels who frequented the feeder. 

Equally as impressive was the Bird Buddy's AI, which correctly identified all of the birds who alit in front of the camera. And, the Bird Buddy app will also give you more details about the birds, including their diet, range, and characteristics.

Here's a sample of what the video looks like - this cardinal was a regular visitor over the summer.

If you live in an area where the more colorful birds have flown south for the winter, a special feature in the app lets you browse photos and videos from other Bird Buddy cameras from around the world, giving you a glimpse of what's flying around.

The one issue I had with the Bird Buddy is that you have to remove the camera from the feeder to recharge it. This deal includes a roof with a solar panel, so that the camera should remain charged by itself. 

Bird Buddy is selling a few different variants of its feeder. The least expensive option is the bird feeder without the solar roof for $169; the Bird Buddy Pro Bundle ($290) includes the feeder and solar panel roof, a wall mount, 3-in-1 Nutrition Set, Suet Ball Holder, and Perch Extender. 

If you're a bird lover — or have one in your life — this is a great time to score a deal on a gift that they'll appreciate all year 'round. And be sure to check out our other Cyber Monday deals for other bargains that have come down to Earth.

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