The 5 best cheap Prime Day mattress topper deals for college dorm use

Ferlizer Mattress Topper for college use shown on a twin xl grey bed frame in a student's bedroom
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It’s unlikely you’ll be able to move your own bed into your college dorm room, so chances are you’ll be sleeping on a mattress that’s seen a lot of use. We’d recommend getting a bed topper on there pronto, and Amazon has some great Prime Day mattress deals to help you do that for less (if your school isn't supplying your bed, the best mattresses on Amazon tend to be a good budget option). 

Many of America’s best mattress toppers are on sale this month, but as most of those sit outside of a college budget, we’ve scoured Amazon for cheap yet good quality toppers to put at least two inches between you and the bed you’ll be sleeping on. Bargain-hunters should also check out our guide to the best cheap mattress topper under $50.

Ensuring you have the best mattress for your body makes a big difference to how well you sleep, which in turn impacts your studies. The next best thing is getting a decent mattress topper to give you comfort and support from the first night, and these are the ones we’d recommend buying this Prime Day…

Best Price 2.5” Memory Foam Mattress Topper (twin XL): $42

Best Price 2.5” Memory Foam Mattress Topper (twin XL): $42 $28 at Amazon
At $28.40 for a twin XL size, you can’t go far wrong with this 2.5” memory foam topper. While it’s infused with cooling gel-infused ventilated foam for better airflow, we wouldn’t expect epic cooling for this price (see the GhostBed below for that), but it should be breathable when placed on top of your college mattress. The foam will enable you to sink-in too, which is super-comfy for side sleeping and for easing aches and pains.

Linenspa 3” Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper (twin XL): $76.99

Linenspa 3” Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper (twin XL): $76.99 $69.99 at Amazon
If you have a little extra budget and want a cooler, thicker memory foam topper, we’d recommend this one from Linenspa. It’s a brilliant bed topper for the money and it’s more breathable than the Best Buy above. The Linenspa 3” Gel Swirl Topper is also made with CertiPur-US certified foam that’s free from toxins. Again, memory foam is excellent for hugging your body and relieving pressure points on your back, hips and shoulders.

Viscosoft 2” Reflex Gel Foam Mattress Topper: $75.99

Viscosoft 2” Reflex Gel Foam Mattress Topper: $75.99 $64.99 at Amazon
This US-made topper is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a slimmer pad to protect you from your college mattress, but without adding much height or contouring. It’s also made with CertiPUR-US memory foam and simply sits on top of your mattress. So if you want a more secure fit, see the Ferlizer option below. Viscosoft offers a 60-day money back guarantee on this so you’ll have time to make sure it’s right for you.

Ferlizer 3” Memory Foam Bed Topper (twin XL): $129

Ferlizer 3” Memory Foam Bed Topper (twin XL): $129 $103 at Amazon
This is a new release on Amazon and it’s competitively priced considering you’re getting a four-layer topper. The bamboo fabric cover will wick away heat and moisture (sweat, body oils), while the memory foam and support foam layers will ease pressure points across your body and keep your spine aligned during sleep. It fixes to your mattress with thick anchor straps, and with an anti-slip base it won’t slide around.

GhostBed 3” Cooling Gel Memory Foam Topper: $249

GhostBed 3” Cooling Gel Memory Foam Topper: $249 $180 at Amazon
Overheating at night can lead to broken sleep, which over time could impact your ability to study well. If you sleep hot and you have the budget to cover this, we’d recommend GhostBed’s excellent cooling topper. 3” of gel memory foam should keep you cool and comfortable, with multiple support zones offering a mix of firmer and softer support to suit your body. It comes with a waterproof and machine washable cover too.

There are loads more cheap mattress topper sales to explore in this year’s Prime Day deals, but the above five are ideal for college dorm use. Amazon offers returns on unopened toppers within 30 days of purchase, so if you change your mind you can send it back for free and get a refund.

All of our featured toppers use the same type of foam used in the best memory foam mattresses, so you can expect a decent level of pressure relief from each - especially the thicker, 3” toppers.

Claire Davies
Sleep Editor, Certified Sleep Science Coach

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