Hurry! This Bowflex barbell is $217 off right now

Woman using the Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell
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Many people set new year fitness goals, but it’s easy to quickly lose motivation when you're dragging yourself to a crowded gym multiple times a week. That’s why getting some fitness equipment for your home can make all the difference, and Walmart has an excellent savings on a Bowflex Barbell to help you stick to your new fitness routine. 

Right now, you can get the Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell for $382 at Walmart. That’s a hefty $217 off its standard retail price of $599. This deal at Walmart is currently unbeaten, the next best price on the barbell is $499 at Best Buy. We don’t often see such significant savings on a product from a popular brand like Bowflex, so this is easily one of the strongest January sales we’ve seen so far. 

Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell: was $599 now $382 @ Walmart

Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">was $599 now $382 @ Walmart
The Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell features seven adjustable weights in one compact design. The barbells weights can be set from 20 to 80 pounds in 10-pound increments. (You also purchase additional weights for up to 120 pounds total). Best Buy offers the <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">next best price at $499.

This set includes a barbell and curl bar alongside seven adjustable weights in a compact design that is extremely convenient for storage. The weight on the bar can be set from 20 to 80 pounds, which is enough for both beginners as well as more experienced lifters. If you need additional weights they can be purchased separately to take the total weight of the bar up to 120 pounds. 

You don’t need to manually add weight plates either. The bar uses an innovative docking station, you place the bar down and select one of the seven weight settings. This system is particularly useful when multiple people are using the bar in quick succession, you won’t need to painstaking add and subject weights in between sets. 

With no other retailer currently offering such a sizeable saving on this popular piece of kit, we don’t expect Walmart to keep the Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell at this seriously reduced price for long. Grab yourself one before it sells out, and smash your new year fitness goals. 

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