Best iPhone XR Cases

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The 6.1-inch iPhone XR poses a unique challenge when it comes to drop protection. Because it comes in a wider range of colors than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, you may want a case that allows that distinctive look to shine through. Apple has solved that dilemma with a Clear Case designed especially for your iPhone XR. But there are plenty of other lightweight, fashionable and durable iPhone XR cases that have caught our eye. 

Here are the best iPhone XR cases based on our research. 

Apple iPhone XR Clear Case

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If you want a case that lets your XR's color shine through, Apple also offers the iPhone XR Clear Case. The transparent case is the first of its kind for Apple. The manufacturer states that its $39 case is a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials. The case features a scratch resistant exterior and interior and it can remain on while you wirelessly charge your iPhone XR via your Qi-certified charger.

Totallee Clear Case for iPhone XR

Totalle iPhone XR Case

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With this clear case from Totallee for the iPhone XR, you can show off your phone's color while added some protection. The case has a rubbery finish that adds grip, and the case is made of sturdy and flexible TPU, which is supposed to stronger than cheap, hard plastic. The company offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee. 

Lifeproof Slam for iPhone XR

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If you'd prefer a Lifeproof case for protecting your iPhone XR, the company's $50 Slam is a good place to start. The Lifeproof Slam comes in a variety of colors and wraps around the backplate and spine of the iPhone XR. The rear plate is clear, so you can see the color you chose in Apple's handset, and the spine is colored. Lifeproof says it designed the Slam to withstand drops of up to 6 feet. There's no real screen protection here, however, so if you're looking for that, you'll need to turn elsewhere.

Element Case Illusion

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Element Case's Illusion lets your iPhone XR's true colors shine through, thanks to a tinted polycarbonate case that provides protection for your phone while letting you still showcase its distinctive finish. Element promises mil-spec drop protection, even though the $30 case is designed to be lightweight. A raised perimeter on the front keeps your screen from coming into contact with any unforgiving surfaces.

OtterBox Pursuit Series

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OtterBox has several case options for the iPhone XR, but the OtterBox Pursuit is be one of the best. It comes in a variety of finishes, including black and gray and black and white, and also features an "audio-transparent mesh" that ensures your iPhone stays safe without sacrificing sound quality. Although the Pursuit looks a little bulky at first blush, it's slim enough to not take up too much room in your pocket. And although it fits atop the iPhone XR's buttons, Otterbox's case shouldn't cause any performance problems when adjusting the volume or turning on the handset.

Silk Kung Fu Grip

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Silk offers one of the more affordable iPhone XR cases on the market with the company's Kung Fu Grip. The case, which costs just $12, is designed to be thin and hugs the iPhone XR without adding too much bulk. It features air-pocket corners to absorb shocks during a fall, and its textured sides make it less likely to slip out of your hands when you're using it. Best of all, Silk's case is lightweight enough to still feel comfortable in your hand or pocket when traveling.

Case-Mate McLaren

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If you're on the lookout for a higher-end case that offers serious protection, consider the Case-Mate McLaren. The case, which costs $50, promises drop protection at heights of up to 10 feet. It's made from carbon fiber and has orange accents that are a nod to the McLaren brand. The case works with wireless chargers, has flexible sides to help you keep a strong grip on the phone and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Casetify Warped

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Casetify's Warped case is designed to add a little flair to your smartphone design. The $45 case has a  white-and-black design on the back and a sturdy construction around the spine to reduce chances of damage to your iPhone XR. According to Casetify, the case is military-grade drop-proof, and there's a rubber protector around the iPhone's rear-facing camera to reduce chances of it getting dinged or scratched during use. With a bezeled design on the front, your iPhone XR screen should be safe if the handset falls flat on a surface.

Mous iPhone XR Limitless 2.0

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Mous' iPhone XR Limitless 2.0 case comes in a variety of versions, including carbon fiber, walnut, bamboo and shell. It's a thin case that covers the iPhone XR's backplate and spine and uses what Mous calls AiroShock technology to absorb shock when the smartphone falls to the ground. Like the Limitless 2.0 case for other iPhones, the $50 iPhone XR version has magnets inside that let you attach it to a car phone holder, an accessory like a magnet-ready wallet and other devices.

Speck Presidio Grip + Glitter

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There's little chance an iPhone XR inside Speck's Presidio Grip + Glitter case will ever slip out of your hands. The $45 case features a textured back that makes your phone easy to hold on to. And even if your iPhone plummets to the ground, Speck's case still offers 10-foot drop protection. Throw in three different colors — Starlit Purple, Obsidian Black and Bella Pink — and you've got a case that delivers some flair with its protection.

Tech21 Evo Luxe

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Tech21's Evo Luxe case is designed for active people who want protection from a drop. The case is made from a woven fabric on the back and uses an impact material called FlexShock to safeguard your iPhone in a fall. Tech21's case is designed to keep a slim profile, so it doesn't take up too much room in your pocket, and it works well with wireless chargers. Perhaps most important, Tech21 has bolstered the protective features of its case, promising a safe iPhone XR even if you drop your phone from 12 feet. The Evo Luxe comes in a variety of colors, including black, gray and chestnut.

iPhone XR Smart Battery Case

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The iPhone XR already lasts a pretty long time on a charge — 11 hours, 26 minutes on our Tom's Guide Battery Test. But add Apple's new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XR to the mix, and you may wind up going a long time between searches for power outlets. The $129 case boosts talk time up to 39 hours, internet use up to 22 hours and video playback up to 27 hours. A microfiber lining inside the Smart Battery Case keeps your iPhone XR snug while the silicone exterior gives you something to grip. Our only complaint is that the case only comes in black or white and not the rainbow of colors featured in Apple's XR lineup.

Catalyst Impact Protection

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The Catalyst Impact Protection Case is another fine choice if you're most concerned about keeping your handset safe and you don't necessarily mind a bulkier design. The $40 case has a thick bumper around the spine and uses an air-cushioning technology to reduce the effects of any impact. The Impact Protection also has a raised bezel to protect your touch screen in the event your iPhone falls facedown. In an odd twist, the iPhone XR Catalyst Impact Protection Case has a wheel at the top. When you spin it, you're able to turn the mute on your phone on and off.

UAG Plasma Series

(Image credit: UAG)

Urban Armor Gear's UAG Plasma Series is one of the more interesting case designs in this roundup. It comes with an armored shell that has reinforced areas at the center and up to the corners. As you might expect just by looking at the Plasma Series, the case meets military-grade standards for protection. The Plasma has a scratch-resistant design and uses "oversized tactile buttons" to protect the iPhone XR's buttons along the spine.

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