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Nicole Johnston

Nicole Johnston

Commissioning Editor

Before joining Tom's Guide, Nicole worked as the Security & Privacy Editor at Top Ten Reviews. She managed the testing and reviewing of antivirus, parental controls, VPN services, and encryption software. She later joined Mobile Nations and was instrumental in building out these verticals for its various brands including iMore, Windows Central, and Android Central. 


Nicole earned bachelor’s degrees in both English and Political Science with a focus on empirical research. During her college career, Nicole established internship opportunities for students which also helped strengthen the relationship between the University and community partners. Nicole worked as a TA, mediated focus groups, and worked on research teams. She acted as a liaison presenting research findings to local leaders to influence policy changes within her community.

Serving in the community is a highlight of Nicole’s life. During the school year, she lends a helping hand working in a special education classroom during lunch hours. In her spare time, Nicole serves as a member of several school councils and volunteers for a local arts board.

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