Magic Sliders: Fighting Moving Day Friction

Real Life Usage

The Magic Sliders must be placed under each corner of the object to move. Generally, office desks and cabinets have little "feet" in each corner, so you have to lift up the corner and then place the Magic Slider (blue side facing down) under the feet. After putting the Sliders in every corner, you are ready to push or pull the object around.

We found that the Sliders work very well on shelving units. Normally, you have to empty the contents of shelving units before moving them. With the Sliders, we saved time and effort by keeping everything on the shelves. It's also easy to place the Sliders under the corners of shelving units. Simply tip the shelves away from you, which will lift up the corners of the unit. Then slide the Magic Sliders under the corners. It's smart to have someone help you and make sure the whole unit doesn't fall over.

You still have to overcome inertia of the object, but once you start moving it, the Magic Sliders make things easy. The instructions state that you should push lower than the center of gravity-this prevents you from tipping the object over, while you are happily sliding along.

The Sliders work well on office carpeting. The plastic seems to wear out if you push them over hard surfaces, such as wood or concrete.

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