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Get news about the latest online music streaming services and find the best apps and software for managing music and editing audio.


From nimble, cloud-based streaming players to feature-packed apps for audiophiles, here's the best Android music player apps for your listening pleasure.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 1

Mass Fidelity's Core Speaker could make your stereo obsolete, combining amazing multi-directional audio with a host of inputs.

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software editor's choice
  • Google Play Music - free

    Shop and listen to music with Google Play Music for Android.

    available for : android
  • jetAudio Music Player Plus - free

    Music in your ears with jetAudio Music Player Plus for Android.

    available for : android
  • Amazon Music - free

    Listen to your music with the Amazon Music app on your Android.

    available for : android
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news - SEPTEMBER 3 1

Sony's Walkman NZW-A17 supports better-than-cd quality ALAC and FLAC files in a compact form factor.

Tutorial - DECEMBER 31

Adding background music to your homepage can give your page a professional look and feel. The background music or audio will enhance the users’...

news - AUGUST 19 1

Google is reportedly set to launch YouTube Music Key, a monthly music subscription service to take on Spotify and Beats.

news - JULY 2 2

Make the most out of playlist recommendation service Songza with this handy guide.

news - JUNE 19 7

Not content with just one announcement, T-Mobile launched two new music-focused initiatives designed to further entice mobile customers from other carriers. As part of its latest unCarrier event, T-Mobile said...

news - JUNE 18 6

YouTube will soon launch a subscription music service to take on Spotify, but royalty issues could keep favorites like Adele and Vampire Weekend from being available.

news - JUNE 12 7

Amazon's Prime Music sounds like a sweet deal, but how does it stack up to Spotify? Here's how the two compare.

news - JUNE 12 1

Amazon's new Prime Music service ties into your existing membership to bring unlimited tunes to all your devices.

news - MAY 29 0

This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to Tom's Guide's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.Coldplay has barred music streaming service Spotify from...

news - APRIL 3 4

Bose has launched three headphones just in time for spring that combine eye-catching colors with quality audio.

news - APRIL 2 2

Cut out the middle-man and stream music directly from your headphones.

news - MARCH 19 5

New Pandora One subscriptions will cost $4.99 a month instead of $3.99, and the company blames skyrocketing royalty fees.

reviews - JANUARY 24 1

Beats Music brings finely curated playlists and deep personalization to the world of music streaming, complete with a sleek interface and millions of songs.

news - JANUARY 15 1

Music Drop, a custom music box from Left Field Labs, can be 3D-printed with a tune you create.

news - DECEMBER 6 0

At an event on Dec. 11, Spotify will reportedly announce a new free mobile music service.

picture story - SEPTEMBER 4 2

Video game music has progressed from 8-bit ditties to concert-worthy compositions as compelling as movie soundtracks. These diverse represent the most impressive.

news - AUGUST 24 5

No more worrying about going over the limit.

news - AUGUST 8 3

This may be good for both Google and Verizon.

news - AUGUST 7 1

Sony has no plans to spin off Sony Pictures and Sony Music.

news - AUGUST 6 7

iTunes customers may be branching out to other platforms for music while iOS device owners are gobbling up free apps.

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