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Cell Phones


From smart phones to traditional phones, carriers to data plans, Tom's Guide has the news and reviews to help you get the most out of your cellular communications.


You already pay enough each month for your Android phone's monthly data plan, so why pay even more for apps?


From social networks, media players, and games, check out 20 of our favorite Windows Phone 8 apps.

Downloads for Cell Phones

software editor's choice
  • Cell Phone Tracker for iPhone - free

    CellPhone Tracker is a powerful app which lets you track your iPhone wherever you are.

    available for : iphone os
  • Qibla Finder - free

    Find your Qibla direction on your Android with Qibla Finder.

    available for : android
  • BackCountry Nav DEMO: Topo GPS - free

    Get an off-road topographic map on your Android with BackCountry Nav DEMO: Topo GPS.

    available for : android
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news - FEBRUARY 18 1

Two Greek researchers think they've found a way to knock an entire cellular network offline by flooding it with bogus requests.

picture story - JANUARY 27 24

So you fancy yourself an Android power user? Check out these 30 apps crafted specifically for rooted Android smartphones.

reviews - JANUARY 13 2

So it is perhaps surprising to learn that the industry is already working on its successor, 5G. What’s the difference and why do we need to move on from network speeds that are already being heralded as...

news - JANUARY 8 0

Toshiba's latest camera may make fuzzy selfies and blurry group photos taken with cellphones a thing of the past.

picture story - DECEMBER 12 6

Get organized and stay on schedule with the best calendar apps for Android and iOS.

news - DECEMBER 11 31

At an investor conference, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said that the days of phone carriers covering most of your phone's cost are numbered.

picture story - DECEMBER 3 12

Got a new Android device? Load it up with this collection of great free apps.

reviews - NOVEMBER 28 3

Learn about no-contract phones and whether it makes more financial sense to buy a phone at full price and pay for month-to-month service.

news - NOVEMBER 22 2

3D Systems will 3D print parts of Motorola’s Project Ara smartphones that buyers can customize.

news - NOVEMBER 15 10

If you don't go along, FCC head tells carrier organization, we'll make you do it.

picture story - NOVEMBER 2 11

As smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly prevalent, more people are experiencing the internet through mobile browsers. We'll look at some of the best ones out there.

picture story - JULY 10 14

Get your game on with these great Android games.

news - APRIL 4 14

Life begins at 40, cell phone!

news - FEBRUARY 18 17


news - FEBRUARY 17 16

Upgraded Android version offers enhanced security predominately for developers and root/mod users.

news - FEBRUARY 15 11

Balisillie cashes out.

news - FEBRUARY 15 4

Apple is working on a fix for a security issue with iOS 6.1 that allows users to bypass the lock screen.

news - FEBRUARY 15 15

Photo-sharing service had amended ToS to sell users' images.

news - FEBRUARY 14 3

Anticipates users' queries by automatically showing weather, sports scores, etc.

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