What is the Purple Restore mattress and should you buy it in Memorial Day sales?

The Purple Restore Hybrid Mattress in a neutral bedroom
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The Purple 2.0 mattress was launched six years ago as the brand's first hybrid bed and has since been replaced by the Purple Restore. The 2.0 provided more support and firmness than the Purple Original memory foam bed, making it ideal for sleepers who preferred a slightly bouncier feel and more targeted back support.

If you previously owned the Purple 2.0 and are planning on shopping the Memorial Day mattress sales to find a close alternative, we have you covered with our top recommendations right here. The natural alternative, of course, is the Purple Restore, for reasons we'll explain in this article. 

Purple makes some of 2024's best mattresses for all sleepers seeking deep pressure relief and cooling comfort, and it's currently running a sale that will help you save up to $800 off Purple mattress and base sets at Purple. Here's what you need to know about the best alternatives to the Purple 2.0 mattress this side of Memorial Day... 

What is the Purple 2.0 mattress?

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Released in 2018, the now-discontinued Purple 2.0 (also known as Purple 2 or Purple Hybrid), was the brand's first ever hybrid mattress. While it had the same soft knit cover and signature GelFlex Grid as the Purple Original, one of the best mattresses in a box we've tested so far, it also had responsive wrapped coils for extra support and breathability.

It stood at 11" tall and provided more firmness and durability for stomach sleepers. It had four internal layers, including the 2" elastic-polymer grid (Purple's trademark feature), 1" layer of polyfoam as a transition layer for the 7.5" pocketed coils, and then an additional layer of high-density polyfoam for support and stability. 

Purple Restore Hybrid mattress: Overview

The Purple 2.0 has now been discontinued, with the brand holding a huge close-out sale on the model last month. It has now been replaced by the Purple Restore Hybrid Mattress, which was launched last year and is now one of the best hybrid mattresses for the money. The mattress comes in two firmness options (Soft or Firm) and is available in six sizes: twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, and split king.

The Purple Restore Hybrid stands half an inch taller than the 2.0 at 11.5" thick. It has an antimicrobial SoftFlex fabric cover made of polyester and elastic (slightly different to the 2.0's polyester-viscose-lycra cover, which wasn't treated with an antimicrobial finish). The Purple Restore has one less layer than the Purple 2.0, with a slightly taller coils and no extra layer of poly foam at the bottom.

Brunette woman sleeps on the Purple Restore Hybrid Mattress with its internal layers exposed.

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The hypoallergenic bed is designed to provide bouncy pressure relief with a surface that adapts to your movements. While the Purple 2.0 had a crowd-pleasing medium-firm feel, the Restore's two options give you a choice of either medium or firm.

In terms of prices and trials, the Purple Restore Hybrid has a similar price to the 2.0. Both a queen-size 2.0 and Restore have a regular sale price of $2,099. The extras are the same, too, with a 100-night sleep trial, a 10-year warranty, and free shipping and returns.

Purple Restore Hybridwas from $1,999

Purple Restore Hybrid: was from $1,999 $1,699 at Purple
The Purple Restore Hybrid Mattress is an 11.5" bed designed to add support and pressure relief, along with cooling breathability. The Restore Hybrid is now $300 off all sizes, bringing a queen down to $2,099 (was $2,399). Extras include a 10-year warranty, a 100-night sleep trial, and free shipping and returns. 

Purple Restore Hybrid mattress: Prices and trial

The Purple Restore Hybrid Mattress aits in the premium price tier, as did the 2.0. The starting MSRP is $1,999 while a full retail queen is $2,399. Here's the MSRP for each size:

  • Twin XL MSRP: $1,999 
  • Full MSRP: $2,249 
  • Queen MSRP: $2,399 
  • King MSRP: $2,999 
  • California king MSRP: $2,999
  • Split King MSRP: $3,998

Right now, there's a $300 off deal on all sizes, bringing a queen down to $2,099. While you could find the same deal last December, sales prices were lower as Purple has since raised their MSRPs. 

For instance, a queen MSRP was $2,295 and was discounted to $1,995. While we may see bigger discounts closer to Memorial Day, Purple aren't exactly know for their huge sales (even around the holidays), so you don't have to worry about missing out if you don't buy right now. 

As with all Purple mattresses, the Purple Restore Hybrid comes with a 100-night sleep trial, a 10-year warranty, and free shipping and returns. 

Purple Restore Hybrid mattress: Design

The internal layers of the Purple Restore Hybrid Mattress

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First of all, the Purple Restore does indeed feature the brand's signature GelFlex Grid for responsive comfort and cooling. Acting as the mattress's first layer, the elastic-polymer grid dissipates heat and relieves pressure and measures at 2" thick. 

Next, is a 1" polyfoam layer which acts as a transitional layer between the comfort layer (the Grid) and the 8" pocketed coils, which are individually wrapped to boost motion isolation. All materials are also non-toxic, fiberglass-free, and Certified Clean Air GOLD.

The cover made from stretch, breathable SoftFlex material (i.e. polyester and elastic) with an antimicrobial treatment to keep it fresh and anti-allergenic. However, we suggest buying one of the best mattress protectors to keep the cover clean as it's non-removable and spot-clean only.

Purple Restore Hybrid mattress: Comfort & support

When looking for a Purple mattress, keep in mind that the feel they provide is very unique. They offer a bouncy, responsive surface that adapt to movement, so you're going to be surprised if you're expecting the body-hugging, sink-in soft feel of memory foam.

 While the Purple 2.0 is available in two options: firm or soft. The firm is rated as being on the plusher end of firm, while the soft is rated as a medium. Purple recommends the firm to those who sleep on their front or back as the support it offers makes it the best mattress for stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

A woman sleeping on her side on the Purple Restore Hybrid mattress

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The soft, on the other hand, Purple recommends to combination or restless sleepers thanks to its responsive surface. However, the soft should also make the best mattress for side sleepers thanks to the hip and shoulder pressure relief it offers through the Grid.

In terms of temperature regulation, the Purple mattress range (from all-foam to hybrids) offers some of the best cooling mattress tech through it's heat-dissipating GelFlex Grid. 

While we haven't had a chance to test out the Purple restore, we have tested out the GelFlex Grid for our Purple Original mattress review. Our reviewers found the Grid and breathable cover did a remarkable job of keeping them cool throughout the night. Add the ventilating pocket coils and this bed should leave you sleeping even cooler.

Should you buy the Purple Restore Hybrid mattress?

Buy the Purple Restore Hybrid mattress if...

 You're a solo restless or combination sleeper. This mattress provides a responsive, bouncy feel that's great for changing positions if you're a solo sleeper who doesn't have to worry about motion transfer.

✅ You sleep hot. The design features a breathable cover, heat-dissipating GelFlex Grid, and airflow-boosting coils. 

 You want adjustable firmness: Pick from two firmness levels: soft or firm. Soft is good for side-sleeping and switching positions, while firm is for back and stomach sleepers.

Don't buy the Purple Restore Hybrid mattress if...

❌ You prefer body-hugging memory foam. If like the traditional "hug" of memory foam, you may want to look at beds with a more sink-in soft feel.

❌ You're on a tight budget: Purple mattresses don't come cheap, with the average price of a queen costing over $2,000 (even while on sale).

 You share a bed with a restless sleeper. Unless your willing to splurge on a split-king size, the bouncy feel won't have the motion isolation you need (despite the individually wrapped coils).

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