Save up to $1,740 on the Sleep Number i8 smart bed in huge Presidents’ Day sale

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If you want a better understanding of your sleep duration and quality, Sleep Number beds are some of the best mattresses in the world to help you sleep better and understand what's going right and what needs a little help. This is especially true of the brand's flagship smart bed, the i8. It's expensive though, which is why we're excited to see 30% of the Sleep Number i8 smart bed system in this year's Presidents' Day sales. That reduces a queen to $2,799 (was $3,999) – the best price since Black Friday.

The i8 smart bed is one of the brand’s most popular models in its Innovation series. You’ll be able to find your ideal level of comfort with this mattress as it lets you adapt the firmness and comfort on each side, so if you share a bed, both you and your partner can enjoy different levels of firmness. It also can automatically adjust its firmness in response to your in-bed movements. 

The Sleep Number i8 also generate a SleepIQ score, fed by a host of different metrics to indicate your sleep quality. Personalized recommendations on how you can sleep better are displayed in the companion app. There are a few extras and add-on features that work well with the Sleep Number i8 but they do come at an extra cost. This Presidents' Day mattress sale is ending soon, so act fast if you want it.

Was:Now: Saving:

Was: From $3,399
Now: from $2,379 at Sleep Number
Saving: Up to $1,740 at Sleep Number

Summary: If you sleep well, you feel well, and that’s what Smart Number are trying to achieve with their Smart Number i8 smart bed. One of the best smart mattresses you can buy, the i8 has built-in sensors that will monitor different metrics as you sleep. It looks at how long you slept, how much you moved around, as well as your breathing and heart rate. It then collates all this data and provides sleepers with a SleepIQ score along with personalized recommendations on how to improve your sleep. And that’s not all when it comes to features, this smart bed also works to make sure you feel more comfortable whilst you’re in bed. It does this by allowing you to adapt the level of comfort and fitness on each side of this air mattress. So if you share a bed with someone who likes a firm mattress and you like it soft, it can all be adjusted at the touch of a button. This bed also has plush layers of CertiPUR-US certified foam that can help to sooth pressure points whilst providing additional support for back and stomach sleepers. It’s also a great choice for hot sleepers who will find the infusion of ceramic gel a great addition as it releases excess heat for a cool night’s sleep. 

Pricing history: This 30% discount is one of the best sales we've seen, with Sleep Number mimicking the offers from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Whilst they do usually have some money off deals throughout the year, it's unlikely you'll see savings as large as this one, especially outside of major holiday events. Right now you can get a queen size Sleep Number i8 smart bed for just $2,799 which is discounted down from the full price of $3,999 leaving you save $1,200 on this smart mattress.

Benefits: 100-night trial | Free delivery | 15-year warranty 

How to choose a smart mattress this President's Day

Smart beds and smart mattresses are not cheap, in fact, this is one time where buying a mattress really is an investment. And with President's Day sales in full swing, there are many tempting options to choose from. Here are just some things to consider when choosing a smart mattress or bed this Presidents’ Day. 

Do you sleep hot?  If the answer to this is yes, then look for a smart mattress or bed with built-in heating and cooling properties. The Sleep Number i8 has a combination of layers with four times more ceramic gel to release excess heat  so even the hottest of sleepers can manage to stay cool. 

Pick one for your sleeping style: How do you usually sleep? Are you a side sleeper or maybe you prefer to sleep on your back, it could be you start on your side and roll over onto your stomach, whatever your sleeping style, finding a mattress that has the right firmness rating to support that is a must. This Sleep Number i8 has personalized adjustable firmness, so if you’re sharing a bed and you both have different firmness preferences, this is ideal. 

What is your budget? Smart mattresses and beds can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It is important to set a budget before you start shopping so you don't overspend. And make sure you consider those added extras such as any in-app purchases, pillows, additional sensors, and even a smart bed frame, that you may need for your smart bed to work. 

What metrics do you want to track? A smart bed or mattress sounds great, but unless you’ve a firm idea about what it is you want to find out from your new mattress, it’s a pretty unworthy purchase. Think carefully about what you want to find out from your smart mattress or bed and what you’re planning on doing with that information to make sure that it has all the capabilities that you need to sleep better than ever. 

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