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UK Killer Deal: Amazon Echo Products Up To 40% Off

Amazon's Echo products and its Alexa digital assistant is one of the most popular smart product lines in the world. And if you’re living in the UK, you can get these products at a significant discount for the next week.

Credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's Guide)

Here’s a rundown of what’s on offer:

Amazon Echo - £69.99 (save £20, 22% off)

The Echo is Amazon's classic smart speaker, and Tom's Guide’s favorite. It gives you access to the ever useful Alexa digital assistant, streams music, and lets you control any connected smart home device via voice. You can change the cover too if you want it to match your home's color scheme. It's a super versatile way to make your home smarter. Buy it here.

Echo Spot - £99.99 (save £20, 17% off)

Combining the small stature of the Dot with the Show's display, the Spot gives you a lot of smart home possibilities for your money. It can display the time, weather info, and photographs as well as a security camera feed. Alternatively, you can make video calls through it. It's like giving your alarm clock an Alexa-powered brain. Buy it here.

Echo Show bundle - £189.99 (save £44, 19% off)

The Echo Show is a smart speaker with a touchscreen display. In addition to supporting all the features of a traditional Alexa device, it can also play video, make video calls, and display memos and other useful information.

This bundle includes a Phillips Hue bulb (with either a bayonet or screw fitting). The bulb can be controlled via voice commands or app controls. It can be set to turn on/off at a specific time or you can change the precise shade of white light it outputs based on your preference. This bundle is a great starter kit for any smart home. Buy it here.

Echo Input - £19.99 (save £15, 43% off)

While it won't work by itself, the Input spreads the power of Alexa to a seperate speaker, which is great if you have a carefully assembled audio system you don’t want to replace. It does everything the standard Echo can do, but in a much slimmer package, giving your existing speakers a new lease on life. Buy it here.

Don’t Miss Out!

Remember, these deals expire March 13 at 9am, so get what you're interested in before then.