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Review: Axis 211A Network Camera

More Basic Features & Specifications

Tamron, a large player in the film and digital camera market, makes the lens for the 211A. The focus and zoom are manually adjusted by loosening the small thumbscrews and then twisting the lens. This particular Axis camera does not automatically pan and tilt, nor does the lens automatically zoom and focus. While this may seem to be a negative, bear in mind that this network camera is meant to be placed in a fixed location, covering a single spot.

Figure 3: Tamron Lens Focus (Top) and Zoom Controls (Bottom)

The lens and CCD have a light sensitivity from .75 to 500,000 lux, which is a far greater range than provided by less expensive network cameras. The CCD is a 1/4 inch Sony Wfine progressive scan CCD, which produces excellent quality video and still images, which I'll demonstrate shortly. Note that by default, the iris automatically adjusts to lighting changes, but you can disable this if you prefer.

Other video specs are found in Table 1 below.

Image Sensor1/4 inch Sony Wfine progressive scan RGB CCD
LensTamron varifocal 3.0 - 8.0 mm F1.0 Focus .2 meters to Infinity
Light Sensitivity.75 to 500,000 lux
Video CompressionMotion JPEG and MPEG-4
Resolution640 x 480 to 160 x 120
Frame RateUp to 30 frames per second in all resolutions
Video StreamingSimultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4
Image Settings11 Compression Levels for Motion JPEG, 23 Compression Levels for MPEG-4
Shutter Time2 Seconds to 1/12500 Seconds
Table 1: Axis 211A Video Specifications