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QardioBase Weighs You with a Smile

LAS VEGAS - Weighing yourself can be one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the day, whether you’re trying to lose weight or not. There’s a lot of machine-based judgement that can radiate from the scale, but a company called Qardio is trying to change that. The health tech company that brought us a smart blood pressure monitor last year debuted a smart scale at CES 2015 called QardioBase, which acts just as a normal scale but also smiles or frowns up at you depending on your progress.

Qardio calls these smiley faces “smart feedback,” and it does help eliminate the fear of numbers people often get when they step on the scale. But the $149 QardioBase doesn’t stop at weight -- it also measures BMI, body fat, and muscle, water and bone composition.

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It’s also a strikingly beautiful and minimalist device. Gone are the textured foot indentations and plastic-covered dials of traditional scales - QuardioBase opts for subtle acrylic stone that’s warm to the touch. The glowing red faces in the middle of the scale are a quaint touch, but I can’t imagine a frowny face being that much more comforting than seeing a nasty number on the scale -- if anything, it might feel more ominous.

Using the companion app, you can input personal information that QuadioBase can use to calculate these measurements when you step on its smooth circular surface. You can also track up to eight different people on one QardioBase scale, so the entire family can use QardioBase as a regular scale and use the app to monitor weight fluctuations. I appreciate that the device tells you more than just weight, as that’s just one factor of a healthy lifestyle. Being able to see other stats like BMI and body composition will give you a better picture of your overall health.

That being said, we’re interested to see how accurate QardioBase is, especially with BMI and body fat readings. Stay tuned for a full review; QardioBase is scheduled to ship this spring for $149.

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Valentina Palladino

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