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iPhone 7 (Product) RED Gets Unboxed, And It's a Looker

The first (Product) RED iPhone 7 is coming March 24. And now it has been unboxed.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee has published the first red iPhone 7 unboxing, and it kicks it off with a look at the box. The handset comes in the familiar iPhone 7 packaging but features an image of the back of the red handset on the top. All other branding, including the "iPhone" on the side of the box, is red to match the device's color.

Breaking open the box, Brownlee discovered that Apple has added a (Product) RED card to the packaging materials, which explains more about the program. Essentially, if you buy a (Product) RED device from Apple, an unidentified portion of the company's sales is donated to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS. Apple has contributed more AIDS eradication than any other company, with more than $130 million.

Finally, we get to the actual iPhone 7 Plus. The device, which is protected by a plastic film, comes with a red aluminum finish and a white face. In the video, Brownlee said that he was impressed by how "good looking" the device is. On the front, you can see the red spine around the edges, adding a bit more design flair to the smartphone.

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Inside, you won't find anything different. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in red are the same devices internally as the older iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models. The big difference here is the color -- one that, Brownlee said, after seeing it in person, is better than the matte black version, his previous favorite.

However, Browlnee did say that the white front detracts a bit from the device's design and wondered why Apple didn't offer a black-and-red version -- something many people on social media have been saying.

Still, Brownlee was so impressed by what he saw breaking the red iPhone out of the box that he suggested Apple offer other colors in the future.

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 (Product) RED on Tuesday alongside the new iPad. Additionally, Apple announced that it had boosted storage on the iPhone SE and iPad Mini 4. 

Apple's (Product) RED handset will be available for preorder on Friday. Prices start at $749.

  • mlauzon76
    Now it really is crapple!
  • chuckchurch
    Really, a video and article on the packaging of an old phone that came out in a new color? Look out 401k, I must have one. Idiots.