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36 Megapixel (7360 x 4912) Nikon D800 Pictured

The new camera will debut with an image resolution of 7360 x 4912 pixels, or 36 megapixels, up from 12.1 megapixels in the D700. According to NikonRumors, the D800 will be slightly smaller and lighter than the D700m which weighs more than 2 pounds. However, the display will be larger than 3 inches.

The website also reports that the D800 will support 1080p/30fps video, ISO 100 to 6400, and USB 3.0. Additionally, there will be a new auto-focus feature with face recognition and rumor has it that there will be two memory card slots. The overall industrial design of the camera appears to be very similar to the D700.

There is no information when the D800 will be announced. A previous report stated that the camera would be unveiled on October 26 and shipments would begin on November 24. The price in Japan is expected to be about 300,000 yen - or about $3900.