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iPhone 8 Could Make Wired Charging Obsolete

The iPhone 7 proved Apple is serious about wireless audio, as Apple removed the headphone jack from its smartphone. Next year's iPhone could show how the company is just as serious about wireless charging.

A report in Nikkei Asian Review claims that Foxconn, which handles much of the iPhone manufacturing for Apple, has started making wireless charging modules for the 10th anniversary edition of the phone due out next year. Whether that feature makes it into the iPhone 8, though, depends on Foxconn's ability to profitably produce enough modules.

As with any rumor surrounding a phone that won't even be announced until next year, take this report with the usual grains of salt. Just last week, for instance, Nikkei Asian Review reported that Apple would come out with three iPhone sizes, including a new 5-inch model in 2017 β€” a report that other sources and analysts rejected.

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Still, an iPhone with wireless charging capabilities wouldn't come completely out of left field. As early as this March 2016, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities forecast that the 2017 iPhone would offer wireless charging. And Apple's decision to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus suggest that the company sees a wireless future for its smartphone.

Exactly what kind of wireless route Apple might take remains to be seen. Other smartphone makers, such as Samsung and LG, have adopted wireless charging technology where you place your phone down on a charging pad. Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was looking into a different method, which power up iPhones from a greater distance and without any contact with a power source. Should Apple manage to incorporate that kind of technology into the iPhone 8, it would certainly help its smartphone stand out from the crowd.

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