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You Have to See This Awesome iPhone 8 Design

Apple's next big iPhone update, believed to be known as the iPhone 8, iPhone X, or iPhone Edition, could be a beauty. And now one designer has imagined just how beautiful it could be. 

In a video published to YouTube, user "incriptor_" delivered one of the more stunning iPhone 8 renderings we've seen yet. The concepts, which takes cues from some of the iPhone 8 rumors we've been hearing, starts with the phone falling through mid-air to reveal a handset that features a screen that entirely covers its face.

But there some other gems hidden in this rendering. The rear of the device can also double as a tiny screen where icons can be displayed. A heart rate monitor, for instance, will show a beating heart. You can also quickly access apps from the back panel.

The handset comes with a slightly curved screen and glossy black finish. On the back, there's a dual-lens camera and the Apple logo that can light up, similar to MacBooks. On the front, you'll find dual-lens cameras, as well.

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Unlike the iPhone 7, which has one speaker, this iPhone 8 rendering comes with two speakers.

This is one of many iPhone 8 concepts floating around the Web. Those concepts have been largely based on rumors surrounding Apple's next flagship , including reports of a big, curved OLED screen and a front panel that has Touch ID built in.

The concept also has a dual-lens front camera; there are reports Apple is looking at a 3D camera for facial recognition as well as augmented reality, and AR is reportedly going to be a big area of focus for the iPhone 8.

Although many of the previous renderings have followed those reports, the latest concept goes a bit further. There haven't, for instance, been reports of Apple planning to add a secondary screen on the iPhone's back panel where you could access icons or other information.

Still, it's nice to dream. And int he coming months, more of these kinds of renderings will crop up as iPhone 8 fever grows.

Don Reisinger is a communications strategist, consultant, and copywriter who has also written for many leading technology and business publications including CNET, Fortune Magazine and The New York Times, as well as Tom's Guide. 

  • Vastman
    So here we have more "imaginary" blather with people fantasizing, essentially jacking off, furthering the disgusting thing called "fake news" these days. I have NOT been impressed by ANYTHING Apple has done in the past few years...