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Google Files for Trademark On SpeedBook Active Computer Hardware

Google is targeting netbooks and notebooks with its new, lightweight operating system, Chrome OS. However, it seems the company could soon venture into the hardware side of things, as a recent trademark filed by the search giant indicates the company's interest in the term 'speedbook'.

BNet reports that Google last week filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Application Office for a trademark on the name 'Speedbook' for computer hardware. Editor Erik Sherman points out that through you can patent a product without having to actually produce it, a trademark application must be linked to a product or service that is launching in the reasonably near future.

The trademark application describes 'Speedbook' as "active computer hardware" so it would certainly seem like Google has plans for a netbook, notebook or possibly even a tablet. Though Google has stated on previous occasions that it will not be releasing hardware to go along with Chrome OS, preferring instead to work with partners, the company said something similar about Android before the release of the Nexus One.

Do you think its likely Google will come out with a Google-brand notebook to go along with Chrome OS? Let us know in the comments below!