Secret Sale: Amazon Drops Price of Apple Watch Series 4


Update Jan. 9: Amazon is at it again. The retailer has the Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm) GPS on sale for $379.05.  

Blink and you may miss this deal. Amazon has the Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm) GPS on sale for $379.05 via an on-page clickable Amazon coupon. That's $20 off and the best price we've seen for Apple's near-perfect watch. 

Even better, Amazon has the Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm) GPS on sale for $407.55 ($21 off). Again, this is the best price we've seen on Apple's smartwatch. 

The Apple Watch Series 4 is hands down the best smartwatch you can buy. The new series features a bigger display (no more bezels), thinner case, faster processor, and more advanced sensors. 

The 40mm model packs an OLED screen with 394 x 324 resolution, whereas the 44m model features a 448 x 368. Both screens are visually better than even the largest Series 3 model. 

Although I've been anti-smartwatch for years, I've been wearing a 44mm Series 4 for the past two months and have grown to love it. I wear it  when I run outdoors, while swimming laps at my gym's pool, and just about everywhere I go. I particularly like how the watch senses what activity I'm doing and automatically starts recording my workout, whether I'm on a treadmill, on a rowing machine, or on the elliptical machine. 

Battery life, however, could be better. I get about 48 hours of battery life with intermediate use.

The watch's EKG capabilities are fun, but not something you use everyday. Get this watch if you lead an active lifestyle and like keeping track of your workouts in the most stylish way possible.