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Major iPhone 8 Leaks Point to Big Changes Ahead

Apple's iPhone 8 has been the subject of countless rumors of late, but the latest two might be among the most significant.

Credit: iDropNews

(Image credit: iDropNews)

First up, a video leaked online on Tuesday (June 20) that appears to have come from China. The video, which was earlier obtained by Walla Tech, shows what appears to be an iPhone 8 dummy unit. The device in question looks about the same size as the iPhone 7, but has a much different design, featuring glass front and back panels around a metal frame.

The dummy unit shows a screen that about covers the entire face of the display, and there's no physical home button. Better yet, there's no place for a home button on the back of the unit, which means Apple might have found a way to get a virtual fingerprint sensor baked into the iPhone 8's screen. There's also a vertically aligned dual-lens camera on the back.

Like some of the other leaks, the iPhone 8's screen is nearly all display, save for a slice at the top where the earpiece lives.

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Also on Tuesday, (June 20), Forbes obtained images of nine cases purported to work with the iPhone 8. Like the aforementioned video, they all depict an iPhone that has a big screen and a small area where the earpiece lives. There's also a vertically aligned dual-lens camera on the back. According to Forbes, which also obtained some specs from the casemakers, the iPhone 8's screen will measure 5.8 inches and not have a physical home button, again suggesting that the fingerprint sensor will be in the display.

Now, as with any iPhone 8 rumor, it's important to note that Apple hasn't commented on its plans, and it's possible that these leaks aren't accurate. However, the rumors are quickly aligning and the features and design elements they reveal are increasingly similar. And as Apple is reportedly planning to start producing the handset now, that level of parity between the rumors suggests they might be accurate.

Of course, we still have some time to wait and see what the real iPhone 8 might look like. According to most reports, it'll be unveiled in September and hit store shelves either that month or in October.

Don Reisinger is a communications strategist, consultant, and copywriter who has also written for many leading technology and business publications including CNET, Fortune Magazine and The New York Times, as well as Tom's Guide.