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Verizon Droid 2 Launching August with Android 2.2

The two devices were spotted in the wild well before Verizon's June 23 unveiling of the Droid X and some people even thought the Droid 2 would appear at the event. Unfortunately, we didn't get a glimpse of the second Droid and we didn't hear when we might, either.

Today we learn that the reason Verizon is waiting to launch the Droid 2 is that it's going to be the first Android phone to rock Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) right out of the box. Android and Me is citing a trustworthy source that claims the Droid 2 will appear on August 23 with Android 2.2 in tow. The rumor fits in with previous leaks that revealed the Droid X would be getting Android 2.2 in 'late August.'

The first Droid device to get the update will be the original Droid, which is set to get Froyo in late July.