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Samsung Fails To Get Apple Banned in the Netherlands

The bad times keep on rolling in for Samsung in their bitter, worldwide legal battle with Apple. The South Korean electronics powerhouse has already experienced the agony of defeat in Australia, where Apple succeeded in getting Galaxy Tab 10.1 injuncted. Very quickly thereafter, Apple added another notch on its belt by getting Samsung's tablet banned everywhere in the EU, except the Netherlands. And yesterday, things got even worse for Samsung when their last toehold in the Eurozone sided with Apple: A Dutch court in The Hague has rejected their claims of patent infringement, and denied their request for an injunction against all Apple mobile products.

Though the fact that Apple may continue to sell in the Low Countries while lording over the rest of Europe unopposed has to sting, it isn't a total loss. The court also refused to grant Apple's request for a similar injunction against Samsung. The court ruled that Samsung's 3D patents "were part of essential standards which should be open to license under FRAND," and directed the two companies to negotiate. However, the ruling will certainly have an impact on court cases currently unfolding in France and Italy, where Samsung hopes to ban iPhone 4S. Though a major setback, Samsung can at least take comfort in their lucrative deal with Microsoft. While it won't help them in the fight against Apple, it deals a blow to Google and nothing is more fun than seeing a battle between superpowers turn into a world war, right?