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Google: One in Ten Devices Running Ice Cream Sandwich

One of Android's biggest issues is fragmentation. Because each new iteration of the OS has to flow through manufacturer and carrier before hitting your phone, the majority of users are many months behind the latest version of Android OS. Though Google has moved on from Ice Cream Sandwich and is now all about Jelly Bean, the vast majority of users are still waiting for ICS.

According to a the latest figures from Google, adoption of Ice Cream Sandwich is slowly creeping upwards. Data collected via the Google Play Store in the 14 days leading up to July 2 show that over 10 percent of people are now running Android 4.0.x. The search giant reports that 10.7 percent of people are running Android 4.0.3 or 4.0.4, while a further 0.2 percent are running early versions of Android 4.0 (4.0 - 4.0.2).

Gingerbread is still the dominant version, running on 63 percent of Android phones, followed by Froyo (17 percent) and Eclair (4.7 percent). Oh, and if you have the time, spare a thought for the poor souls still using Cupcake or Donut (0.7 percent).

Google last week revealed that Jelly Bean will be available to only a select few users when it rolls out next month. Unless you're rocking a Nexus S, a Galaxy Nexus, or a Motorola Xoom, you're not going to be among the first when Google starts dishing it out.

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