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How to Get Froyo for your DROID Right Now

Froyo was officially released to Nexus One owners in June. Unfortunately, not too many other Android phones have been benefiting from all the tweaks, changes and speed bumps brought about by Android 2.2. Yesterday Sprint announced that it would be rolling out 2.2 to all EVO 4G users, and the network even provided a way for users to grab the update manually if they couldn't wait for their OTA update. Next up is the Motorola DROID.

Verizon Friday revealed that it would be rolling out Android 2.2 to all DROID users this week, however, if you just can't wait (and in a world where a YouTube video longer than two minutes feels like a feature film, who could blame you), there is a way to get it right now.

The fabulous folks on the Android Forums have located the download on Google's servers and it's already been mirrored for your convenience.

Click through to download and get all jacked up on some high-grade Froyo.

Source: Android Forums via Engadget Mobile