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Phone of Steel? iPhone 8 Design Details Leak

The iPhone's aluminum body has become iconic at this point, but it looks like Apple is looking to shake things up for its 10th anniversary iPhone 8.

Based on various iPhone 8 rumors, it's expected that the flagship's front and back will be made of glass. And a glass rear is better suited for the iPhone's new wireless charging capabilities. But the frame could be made of steel.

This iPhone 8 concept shows how a glass-and-steel body could look. Credit: Imran Taylor

(Image credit: This iPhone 8 concept shows how a glass-and-steel body could look. Credit: Imran Taylor)

A new report from Digitimes, which has a mixed track record, says to expect a "high-end product adopting a chassis made of reinforced glass with a stainless steel frame."

If Apple does go with a glass-and-steel aesthetic, the iPhone 8 could look like a modernized version of the iPhone 4 released in 2010. That phone also sported a glass-and-steel design; back then Apple said the finished stainless steel band was made of a custom alloy that was forged to be five times stronger than standard steel.

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Durability is certainly one of the main pain points for phone owners, and it's logical to expect that the iPhone 8's steel will be significantly stronger than a device made seven years ago. But it remains to be seen how tough Apple can make the glass; going the shatterproof route would be wise, as Motorola did with the Droid Turbo 2.

The Digitimes report says that Apple's highly anticipated phone will feature a 5.8-inch screen, but another report this week signaled that the iPhone 8 would won't have a big screen after all, predicting it will be closer to 5.1 or 5.2 inches.

As for the iPhone 7s, or whatever Apple winds up calling the successor to its 4.7-inch model, Digitimes reports that it will continue to use an aluminum-alloy chassis.

Other rumored iPhone 8 features include turning the entire front display into one big Touch ID button, long overdue improvements to Siri and new augmented reality goodies. Just be prepared to spend, as the super phone made of steel could easily cost $1,000

Do you think a glass-and-steel iPhone 8 will look good, or would you like to see Apple go in another direction? Sound off in the comments.