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The iPhone 8 We've Been Waiting for Looks Like This

New renders are providing a good glimpse of what the iPhone 8 could look like. And it's a big improvement over the staid iPhone 7.

The renders originated at Gear India and were touted by the Twitter account of well-regarded leaker OnLeaks. Gear India bills the renders, reportedly based on a factory CAD schematic, as "our closest look at the iPhone 8 yet." And the drawing certainly matches a lot of the rumored features that have been tipped for the next iPhone.

Credit: Gear India/@OnLeaks

(Image credit: Gear India/@OnLeaks)

But there's a catch. In a follow-up tweet, OnLeaks noted that he can't confirm the renders are "100% accurate." Gear India also notes that Apple is reportedly considering several different designs for the iPhone 8 and that this render could be a prototype that ultimately doesn't make the cut.

Still, the render does give us a good idea of what the iPhone might look like, should it adopt many of the features reportedly slated for the phone when it arrives later this year. The front of the phone includes a display that stretches from one edge of the device to the other, significantly trimming the bezels on the iPhone. You don't see a physical home button; reportedly, Apple will switch to a virtual button to accommodate the expanded display.

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Based on the render, it looks like there are two front cameras on the phone. One of them could be there to support facial recognition features that are reportedly in the works for the iPhone 8.

Credit: Gear India/@OnLeaks

(Image credit: Gear India/@OnLeaks)

On the back of the phone, the render shows vertically stacked dual camera lenses. That's been a common theme in a lot of iPhone 8 schematics that have leaked as of late, as Apple is reportedly planning to build augmented reality features into the next iPhone. Stacking the lenses vertically would add distances between the lenses, making it easier for the camera to include some of the AR features rumored for the iPhone 8.

Another notable thing about this render is what isn't on the back of the phone: there's no fingerprint reader. Apple is reportedly working on fitting the Touch ID sensor under the front display, but if it's unable to do so, it could wind up moving the sensor to the back of the phone, as Samsung did with its Galaxy S8. This render would suggest Apple is resisting that design switch.

Gear India says the phone that appears in the render measures 5.6 x 2.7 by 0.3 inches. That makes it slightly taller, wider and thicker than the iPhone 7 (5.4 x 2.6 x 0.28 inches). It's also thicker than the 0.29-inch thin iPhone 7 Plus, though it wouldn't be as tall and wide as Apple's current plus-sized phone.

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