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iPhone 8 Reportedly Delayed — With a Missing Feature

Apple's iPhone 8 has again been tipped to suffer delays this year.

Credit: Onleaks/GearIndia

(Image credit: Onleaks/GearIndia)

Japanese Apple-tracking site Macotakara is reporting that Apple will indeed launch three new handsets this year, including an iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus that offer minor upgrades over last year's models. The third model, which could be known as the iPhone 8, will also be released.

However, the Macotakara sources say that Apple has apparently resigned itself to releasing it sometime during its fiscal first quarter, which runs from October through December. The site didn't say exactly when the smartphone would launch, but the report suggests other claims of an October or November launch could make some sense.

Over the last several weeks, the iPhone 8's release date has been the subject of much debate. Some reports have said that Apple's plan to release the iPhone 8 in September is still on, while others claim the device has been pushed to October or November. Those delays are caused in part by problems Apple is having getting its fingerprint sensor and 3D face scanning feature to work properly, reports say.

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Apple, of course, isn't saying what it might have planned, and it's still possible that the device will find its way to store shelves in September.

Regardless, Macotakara's sources had some other details to share on the iPhone 8. They say that Apple is unlikely to add the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to a side button, as some reports have claimed. The site's sources believe the iPhone 8's buttons will be used solely for their intended purchase, like turning the device on and off, and not come with Touch ID support.

The sources didn't say where the fingerprint sensor would be located.

Apple will, however, reportedly use a facial-recognition feature to verify a person's access to a device or make payments.

And just in case you were wondering, Apple might offer limited colors with the iPhone. According to Macotakara, whose report was earlier discovered by 9to5Mac, Apple will not offer a white version of the handset. The report says it's "not possible" to build a white version of the iPhone 8.

Look for more on the iPhone 8 as we near its unveiling in September.

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  • "Not possible to build a white version of the iPhone 8"?? More like someone isn't paying their engineers and manufacturers.