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The iPhone 8 Is Doomed If It Looks Like This

No iPhone 8 rumor roundup is really complete these days without a juicy concept video, but this one is so blah that it could drain all of your excitement for Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone.

The folks over at Cult of Mac have created their own iPhone 8 mockup, and I'm sorry to say that it's devastatingly uninspired.

A ceramic white iPhone 8 concept. Credit: Cult of Mac

(Image credit: A ceramic white iPhone 8 concept. Credit: Cult of Mac)

Based on various iPhone 8 leaks and rumors, the mockup has smaller bezels up front, which allows for an edge-to-edge look. And, similar to the Apple Watch, Cult of Mac predicts that the iPhone 8 could come in a ceramic version, which would be four times stronger than stainless steel and nearly scratch proof.

The "stormtrooper" white look is handsome enough, but it doesn't wow like other iPhone 8 concepts we've seen. At least going the ceramic route would apparently allow Apple to dabble in different colors, including blue. But the site then goes on to say that a glass-and-metal design is more likely.

The iPhone 8 is rumored to have facial recognition. Credit: Cult of Mac

(Image credit: The iPhone 8 is rumored to have facial recognition. Credit: Cult of Mac)

There's also a wireless charger on display that looks fairly realistic. Such an accessory would finally allow iPhone owners to finally do what Samsung Galaxy owners have been able to do for years. But the charging station looks kind of chunky.

Things only get interesting once the mockup video transitions to potential laser facial recognition and a possible Touch ID button integrated in the screen. These features look neatly implemented, but overall the device looks a lot like today's iPhone with more screen, not the radical redesign many are hoping for.

What do you think of the mockups? Tell us in the comments.

Mark Spoonauer

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